Thursday, September 21, 2006

Six mafioso fugitives from Italy living in T.O.

Update: check out this retarded statement given to the Hamilton Spectator by former Immigration Minister Deni Coderre:

Liberal MP Denis Coderre, a former citizenship and immigration minister, said the Conservative government lacks the "political will" to take steps to remove the Mafia fugitives.

Duh...huh? These guys have been in the country all through the Librano's reign and this guy says that the Conservatives don't have the political will? This, a Minister that used to shut down his phone line when he faced political back lash on stuff he didn't do? Bloody Canada

This Toronto Star article wonders how Mafia fugitives have lived in Canada so long without being extradicted back to Italy...


"Officials could not explain how alleged Mafia fugitives could have obtained citizenship if they had prior criminal records or had been charged with crimes, since all applicants must first undergo security checks."

I think I know and it' s from this post back in May of last year but it doesn't explain how they got in back in the 70's but I might have an answer for that here and here.

Here's what I wrote last year about security checks: (*PWGS = Public Works and Government Services). Correction below. I noticed that the information regarding Manpower and security checks was not accurate. They only perform very minimal security checks - not clearances as the original text stated.

NOTE OFF TOPIC: PWGS* Canada is also responsible for security checks and has handed out contracts for minimum security checks to private companies such as Manpower Services Canada, a temporary employment agency that is now being investigated for violations under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Manpower also supplies temporary workers to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, particularly in Windsor Ontario, whose employees also need security clearances or reliability checks performed by Manpower via Public Works who has given staff at Manpower secure status to inquire about people.

Correction: C.S.I.S gives reccomendations to Public Works for security clearances but their decisions are non-binding. Security clearances are also given by law enforcment agenices (including local) via their C.I.P.I.C database. Once given, the government does not have to follow C.I.S.I.S's recommendations.

So, if Gagliano has ties to organized crime and his Ministry had responsibility for handing out security checks that does not have to following the recommendations of our security officials, what does that say about our national security?


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