Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I just got an email from Bell Canada and it seems they have lost their spokes-beaver, Gordon.

Apparently he's been sited. The last I saw him he was acting as Mr. Beaver in the movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Perhaps Bell should contact Hollywood or Bollywood - I'm sure they're paying him better.

Speaking of Bollywood...

Well, not exactly.

I found out that my human rights buddy from Manipur is to be freed today. This is good news. But we don't know how badly he was assaulted, tortured or if it happened at all. If your not familiar Manipur it's a state in India that borders the country Myanmar and is surrounded by other Indian territories Assam and Nagaland. Tibet is to the north and China north east.

Manipur has a majority of 'ethnic' Meeteis, as is my buddy, who are under assault by the Indian government by the misuse of the Special Armed Forces Act. From what I understand, the Meeteis want to be recognized equally under the Indian Constitution. Some say that Manipuris want to separate but what cultural minority in a larger cultural majority doesn't want to these days?

Well now...

I just read in the Ham Spec that Hamilton is going to fill in for Windsor in a Hollywood series about an insurance investigator that lives in Windsor and travels back and forth to Detroit .

Hahaha - how fair is that? Poor Windsor gets to be portrayed by Hamilton and not itself. What a kick in the pants. I guess Hollywood can't make the 3 1/2 hour trip to Windsor to get a great shot of the Detroit skyline at night (not the smoke stacks of Stelco or Dofasco) or the Ambassador Bridge. Nothing around here merits filling in for them.

Speaking of Windsor, I'm heading home the Thanksgiving weekend and won't be blogging for awhile but I left some pics to keep you from boredom.

The pic at the top is from Manipur and this one to the left is over looking the Dundas Valley in Ontario from a portion of the Bruce Trail.


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