Thursday, December 14, 2006

Government Scientist Charged Criminally

The following from the Seattle Post Intelligencer is another example of something that doesn't happen in Canada - our medical practioners are too professional and pure of heart to do anything criminal so much so the Canadian and Ontario governments don't believe it's necessary to enforce health legislation or investigate fraud.

Now if you believe that your not understanding sarcasm and irreverence. You can see how well our provincial politicos care about the health of Ontarians here in this recent Auditor's report.

Here's an excerpt from that:

The Ministry established a Fraud Program Branch in 1998 to promote health-fraud awareness. Althouh the Branch is staffed with Ontario Provinical Police detective inspectors and fraud examiners, it has never had a mandate to conduct fraud audits, nor has it had access to health records that would allow it to conduct fraud monitoring activities, and no suspected fraud cases have ever been referred to this Branch.

As for the Seattle Post Intelligencer - Government scientist faces charges for ethics violations


With a rare criminal case against a senior federal researcher, prosecutors are sending a message to scientists on the government payroll: Making money from companies on the side can land you in big trouble.