Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cat Tales


So I started to train my kitten to use the human toilet instead of a litter box. But this involves putting a tin foil litter 'box' suspended into the bowl and having the seat down over the 'box' lip to secure it from falling in. Eventually holes will be cut in the tin foil to drain the litter and voila! Cat becomes 'toilet trained'.

Now here is a rationale for the 'leaving the seat up' arguement.

I was pretty tired this morning and forgot to lift the seat to take out the litter box before I sat down to...you know...needless to say I had...you know...litter....um...


No Offer Was Made = an Offer Was Made

Latest Update May 31 @ 1:01 pm from CTV: Grewal Tapes will be made public today indicating Martin knew of negotiations. CTV excerpt:

"Transcripts of Grewal's taped conversations show Prime Minister Paul Martin was ready to talk to Grewal about defecting and to offer him a government post within two weeks of the vote, CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported Monday."

I wasn't going to post this link because other bloggers already had discussed that Martin knew about the deal making prior to the budget vote.

While the CBC ignored it CTV broadcasted it on the 11 o'clock news last night and posted it on their website. Thank you CTV

Excerpts from CTV's story:

Prime Minister Paul Martin denies the Liberals did anything wrong.
"No offer was made -- that means no offer was made."

CTV News' Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reports that the Prime Minister knew of the negotiations.

According to Fife, the full four hours of transcripts of Grewal's taped conversations with a top Martin aide and Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh show:

1) Martin was ready to talk to Grewal about defecting like he did with Belinda Stronach.
2) Grewal was offered a government position two weeks after the vote.

"No offer was made - that means no offer was made". Is that like "the proof is the proof"?

The Blog Confessional

Ok so I personally like this one - Bloggers confessions turn performance art.

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Gallery Is Having Technical Difficulties

The newly renovated Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH) opened its doors to the public commencing with a celebrating gala that included the likes of comedian Martin Short and Tony Valeri, L-MP of Hamilton Mountain late last week.

As an art student many years ago, to satisfy my degree I had to go to various art institutes in the U.S. such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, Chicago Institute of Arts, Toledo Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Art. Since my focus was on the African influence on modern artists of the late twentieth/early twenty-first century, I was in an art historian's heaven among the incredible exhibits these galleries offered.

Why the U.S? Well, anyone of these galleries offered more in the size and quality of their collections to the combined collections of the National Gallery in Ottawa and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Many of those works in the U.S galleries included ancient roman statues and older Renaissance paintings.
In such gallery/museums there are some technical designs to observe. The main two - humidity and air temperature have to be kept at certain levels so as not to damage the collection. In each room there is usually a gage to monitor them, which is connected to a main control that can keep the rooms at constant levels.

I learned about these monitoring systems having had some training in architecture and ventilation systems, including a course in museum studies that included explanations from preparators while obtaining my degree. Most art should be kept at low temps - especially older pieces to preserve their condition.

The AGH was designed as museum quality. Having given my 'qualifications' as a preamble I now want to make a critique of the new AGH.

I went there to enjoy the exhibits as I had waited a long time for the construction to finish. I wanted to see if the work of Raphael Caterini a boxer and Hamilton native had been proudly displayed as it was years ago in the AGH. I had known him in art school at the University of Windsor when he was finishing his masters degree and the thought of seeing his work brought back memories of those times - and an opportunity I turned down to be his model.

Snapping back to reality after meandering the spaces not finding Caterini's work - I needed to use the privy. The new gallery 3 days old had seen an overflow of their toilets and staff were busily mopping up water that had flowed out into the hallway. This increase in the humidity levels should have been 'The Test' to see if the gallery's ventilation system was working properly. But these are just minor details.

They weren't. Levels of humidity were very high, uncomfortable and noticeable by members of the public knowing nothing about the construction. The temperature were inconsistent in many of the exhibit rooms throughout the gallery. Some rooms were appropriately cool, some were too cool and some were way too warm. On the whole it was warm enough to parch the mouth but not even the water fountains worked.

I did look for the familiar humidity and temperature boxes that I am accustomed to when in other galleries, I did not see any in the exhibit rooms in the AGH. I did see the security cameras, but no monitoring devices. I give the designers the benefit of the doubt by perhaps not noticing where they actually were or perhaps they were designed to be 'kept out of sight'.

It's a lot of money - millions of dollars of it - to waste on renovations that does not have the proper atmospheric controls working to maintain the quality of the collection, which is quite substantial and beautiful.

Something is wrong with this picture.

Two Charged with Aiding al Qaeda

Two men arrested in Florida and New York on conspiracy charges of aiding al Qaeda. From this mornings New York Times.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

U.S.Consensus for Non-Covered Medical

The United States seems to be making progress to provide health care coverage for low-income individuals. As a Canadian, this is good news.

Reported in the New York Times: "At a time when Congress has been torn by partisan battles, 24 ideologically disparate leaders representing the health care industry, corporations and unions, and conservative and liberal groups have been meeting secretly for months to seek a consensus on proposals to provide coverage for the growing number of people with no health insurance."

I always thought that if America had health care coverage for all people it truly would be one of the greatest countries in the world. It would also give states supporting health care insurance for low-income earners an advantage for industry locating in those areas as the work force would be healthier. A healthy workforce means individuals are able to work and produce adding to the public revenue to support other programs. This is Canada's advantage to attract business and industry here, because the company doesn't have the added costs of providing health insurance to their employees unless it's extended on top of O.H.I.P.

Now, if Canada can just provide better access to lawyers and civil lawsuits that pay out larger awards, that may boost our economy by providing more income to individuals who will then put it back into the economy by spending or investing. The lawsuits themselves will increase making companies more accountable which will effect our governments as they will be more accountable for the legislation they write and the public they serve.

Stelco Blast Furnace 2005

2005 - Seems like that blast furnace auto-shut down was malfunctioning again. Pics taken by Stelco Pensioner who says: "If they can't screw me out of my pension, they're gonna pollute me to death"

Stelco Blast Furnace 2001

2001 - when Stelco auto-shutdown on it's open hearth blast furnace didn't work sending stories high flames out of the stack and spewing toxins into the surrounding neighbourhood.

Canada's Culture of Secrecy - A Nationwide Audit

So far it's been a good weekend for news. The Canadian Newspaper Assocation has launched (and what I consider awesome) a nation-wide audit called "Canada's Culture of Secrecy" " the country's first-ever practical test of transparency that had 89 reporters and 45 newspapers across Canada" [The Hamilton Spectator, May 28 2005] attempt to get public information from all jusrisdictions of government from freedom of information requests.

It gives percentages of how each province faired (compliments of The Spec's graphics)

Alberta: got an 'A' with 93% of requests honoured (RH)
Manitoba: 'B' - 88% RH
Newfoundland: 'B' - 81% RH
British Columbia: 'C'- 71% RH
Ontario: 'C' - 71% RH
Quebec: 'D' - 50% RH
Saskatchewan: 'F' - 44% RH
Nova Scotia: 'F' - 32% RH
New Brunswick: 'F' - 25% RH
Federal Government: - 'F' - 25% RH [why is that not surprising?]
Prince Edward Island: 'F' - 0% RH (ok now this is just pathetic)

If ever I wanted to lavish affection on newspaper editors, this was the time. Reading this report was incredibly liberating and vindicating. Why? Because I have encountered problem after problem with getting basic government information not only by my own MPs or MPPs but also from bureaucrats from all levels of government and even private organizations who feel it's their right to take your information but not release it back to you.

And, not too long ago I complained to Inspector Buck of the Hamilton Police Services, Mountain Division that even those who are supposed to know privacy and access legislation, don't. With a typical skepticism of an officer that may have had his own detachment compromised by what may be illegal conduct, he was dismissive.

Now I have the credibility of this report that confirms it is a nation-wide, systemic problem and not just some sensitive notion.

What makes this report sweet also turns the opposite to sourness. I have found getting my own personal information from various organizations in Hamilton itself dubious and if not in some Kafkaesque way, frightening. This is why I call my newly adopted city 'Planet Hamilton'.

While my personal information is in the process of being withheld after several requests from various organizations, some of that same information (personal health information to be exact) was given out surreptitiously, without consent to outside organizations.

Yes, not getting consent to collect or disclose personal health information is illegal and in one instance in my short experience of living in Hamilton, appears to be in contempt of a court decision.

The Ontario Privacy Commission is investigating on my behalf, four physicians, two registered nurses and two management officials at St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton for violations in the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

These are serious offenses, in which all of the above could face misconduct charges under the rules of their respective Colleges, to be fined a large sum of money on top of getting sued in a civil action.

While our government officials, "protectors of the law" keep secrets from us, they have no problem violating the rights of their citizens by not upholding the laws written to protect us. I base corruption on clauses such as 'disobeying a statute' in s. 126 of the Criminal Code of Canada or plain ignoring provincial legislation, all legislation not just freedom of information legislation. Because of numerous experiences with the above, I have sensed for a long time that corruption had seeped in the ranks of government bureaucracy. Now I have an audit that proves it.

Many other citizens I have spoken to about our government officials not following legislation have written off the government as corrupt a long time ago but dismiss their responsibility to do something about it because they feel they can't do anything about it so don't try.

Well done C.N.A. and thank you for bringing democratic rights back into our minds to think about our role in preserving it.

Friday, May 27, 2005

This Birdie 'Ain't Gonna Sing

Guiseppe 'Joseph' Morselli is kinda a stand-up guy. His weak command of the French language "suggested he knew of illicit practices, but, when questioned further, stopped short of confirming them. His loose grasp of French kept several of his remarks vaguely cryptic" from this Globe & Mail report

Who says you have to be born in Sicily to be mafiosi? Besides, isn't Gagliano purported to be the wiseguy with the button?

American Serviceman Stabbed by Canadian

From the Canadian Press

An American serviceman was stabbed in the back, neck and chest and required surgery after he was attacked by a Canadian on Victoria Island yesterday.

Besides Canadian and American Military personnel investigating, the Comox Valley RCMP are as well

" "There is nothing to show that this assault was prompted by the victim's occupation or country of residence," said Const. Dean Maxwell. The motive of the attack is still unclear."

"O" Stands for Justice

Andre Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, may be heading the one organization in Ontario that stands for justice for parent's of children with severe disabilities.

Here is the Ombudsman's Special Investigation on 'Parents Forced to Place Their Children With Severe Disabilities in the Custody of Children's Aid Societies to Obtain Necessary Care'.

Children as Young as 4 Diagnosed with Bi-Polar

Canadians and Ontarians. Don't be smug about our psychiatric system. Canada has no national mental health strategy. Many within the mental health system, including many psychiatrists and nurses abuse individuals just as much as they do in the United States, diagnosing without evidence based tests to support their use of psychotropic drugs. Very few mental health physicians do research on the etiology of mental illness. It's usually "their" perception based on outdated DSM criteria and unethical tests which are mostly semantics reported by the patient, not the physician following historical data that they are to legally bound to inquire ethically into with consent under s. 15 of the Ontario Mental Health Act.

From the Alliance For Human Research Protection:

A report in The Wall Street Journal should raise serious concerns about the legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosing and drug prescribing for children.

The Journal reports that close to 20,000 US children are being diagnosedwith bi-polar disorder, a condition that had, until recently been very rareaccording to responsible child psychiatrists.

"The number of children diagnosed as bipolar rose 26% from 2002 to 2004, to19,776 cases" according to patient records kept by health-care information company NDC Health Corp.

"Increased use of antipsychotic medicines, such as Seroquel and Risperdal, was a big driver of pediatric drug costs last year, according to pharmacy-benefit manager Medco Health Solutions Inc.

"Yet, the Journal reports that a heated debate is brewing between two camps of powerful child psychiatrists--all of whom are proponents of psychotropic drugs.

Leading child psychiatrists disagree about whether children should even have to meet the diagnostic threshold for a diagnosis of bipolar beforebeing prescribed some of the most powerful mind altering psychotropic drugson the planet.

Their decisions may irrevocably harm children.

Bipolar disorder is a severe, disabling psychiatric condition broadlydefined in the diagnostic bible of psychiatry--the DSM IV.

To meet the diagnostic criteria for bipolar in adults, patients must exhibit: Inflatedself-esteem or grandiosity; Decreased need for sleep; Increased or pressuredspeech; Flight of ideas/racing thoughts; Distractibility; Increased goal-directed activity; Risk-taking behavior--"bipolar disorder causespeople to cycle between manic, euphoric highs and crushing, depressive lowsthat last a week or more."

Presumably, a psychiatrist prescribing powerful mind-altering drugs to a patient meeting those symptoms would be justified.

The drugs prescribed for bipolar disorder are the so-called 'atypical antipsychotics'--including Risperdal (risperidone), Zyprexa (olanzapine),Seroquel (quetiapine).

These drugs have not been approved for children.

Neither were they approved initially for bipolar disorder in adults.

These antipsychotics were at first approved only for schizophrenia--the most severe, debilitating psychiatric disorder in which psychosis, hallucinations, hearing voices, are the core symptoms, affecting 1% of the population..

Unfathomably, these powerful--and harmful--psychotropic drugs have beome blockbuster sellers, enriching Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson and BristolMyers Squibb, while producing diabetes in more than 30% of youth.

Since doctors diagnosing children disagree about the basis for diagnosing and treating children, their practice method may be legitimately characterized as child abuse with chemical restraints.

Psychiatry's rather broad diagnostic criteria were established by a group of leading psychiatrists.

Therefore, current efforts to lower those standards--both interms of prevalence (quantity) and severity (quality) of the symptoms, is a radical departure from psychiatry's own standards such as they are: "A bipolar child can flip between a high and low several times a day.

There also is disagreement over what constitutes the highs, with some doctors saying the manic phase in children often reveals itself as extreme rages, violence and emotional outbursts, rather than the traditional euphoria."

The push by an influential group of child psychiatrists at Harvard may lie at the root of what is an epidemiological mystery: what disaster can account for the staggering number of children beingdiagnosed with bipolar disorder?

It appears that the most radical of child psychiatrists who recommend prescribing antipsychotics for children are at Harvard. They are pressuringthe profession to prescribe antipsychotics for children --even without the criteria establshed by their profession, and even in the knowledge that the risks of harm for children are irrevocable.

Parents need help from Congress to stop the abuse.

Parents and health care public policy makers have a right to demand from state licenced medical professionals that they adhere to evidence-based medicine: what constitutes a legitimate psychiatric diagnosis in children?

What constitutes a scientifically valid diagnosis of bipolar disorder inchildren?

Clearly, it is not in a child's best interst to be exposed to powerful drugs that alter brain function on the basis of "vague" symptoms of attention derficit hyperactivity (ADHD).

How can a drug approved for a very small group of very disabled patients, become Eli Lilly's best selling drug?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

No Justice to Justify

"I don't have to justify to you why there is no criminal negligence investigation" said Detective Sergeant Dave McCartney of the Halton Regional Police when I asked if there was if there was going to be one into the death of Randy Mogridge, an Oakville autistic man who was found drowned in Sixteen Mile Creek in Oakville Ontario.

When I questioned why Randy was confined in "a cell" the detective told me that media reports were not accurate and I shouldn't believe everything I read in the newspapers. In any case, the Halton Police were acting under the Coroner's Act not the Criminal Code and they had no evidence with which to base further investigations.

I decided to call the Hamilton Spectator to confirm what I had read, that indeed Randy had spent time confined before he managed to escape the Centre, probably fearing for his life, although he was not able to articulate it, he was probably trying to get away. Far away and ended up in the creek.

Many thanks to journalist John Burman of the Hamilton Spectator, (the Spec being one of Hamilton's assets), who provided the following information to dispell the detective's dismissal. For copies of the original reports, they can be downloaded for a fee from the Hamilton Spectator dated February 3 and 5, 2005.

Mr. Burman confirmed that the information about Randy being confined for 8 hours that was non-documented by the facility came from a detailed and confidential Ministry report given to the Mogridge family. This report, by the way, since it is commissioned by the government, can be used as evidence under s. 25 of the Evidence Act.

The Ministry report documented how Randy Mogridge spent 8 hours in a detention cell that was called the "confinement timeout room". A room that was 2m x 3.5m with no windows but with a locked door and a vision port.

8 hours in a cell 2 x 3.5 m.
8 hours.
In a 2 x 3.5 m cell.

For 3 and a half hours Randy banged the walls and paced in that tiny room.

3 hours.

The Ministry reported that Randy spend similar time in isolation the 2 days prior to his escape.

2 days prior.

Past history details that Randy did not wander off the grounds or that he even needed to spend time in this room.

The sad part, the really sad part, is that according to the Centre policies, he should have only spent 15 minutes in this cell if needed as a last resort. Not 8 hours.

15 minutes not 8 hours.

Cruel and Unusual Treatment

I want to go over some legislation, the Charter to be exact. Just to clarify where people with disabilities stand in this province. Ontario the wha...? The good? Did someone say justice?

Let's start from square one: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Section 15 (1) states: "Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on...mental or physical disability".

Secton 12 under Legal Rights : "Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment"

In my Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary, cruel and unusual treatment or punishment is defined this way: "There has been no judicial ruling that clearly defines the limits of such punishment, but the Supreme Court of Canada has considered the gravity of the offense, the personal characteristics of the offender, and the particular characteristics of the case when evaluating the treatment and its effects. See R. v. Smith [1987] 1 S.C.R. 1045"

What Barron's does not mention are the personal characteristics of the offended.

Barron's also cites: "The Canadian Bill of Rights, R.S.C 1985, Appendix III, s. 2(b) provides similar protection. Under this provision, the Court stated that the punishment would have to be so excessive as to outrage standards of decency. Miller and Cockriell v. The Queen, [1977] 2 S.C.R. 680."

Well, the actions of staff at Oaklands Regional Centre has certainly outraged my standards of decency.

Section 7 : "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

Next, is the Criminal Code of Canada which laws should apply and should have applied equally to Randy Mogridge.

The Criminal Code's definition of culpable homicide and criminal negligence in Randy's case seem to be covered under these clauses: s. 220 (b) and s. 222 (1) and (5) (c) and (d)

222. (1) A person commits homicide when, directly or indirectly, by any means, he causes the death of a human being
222 (5) A person commits culpable homicide when he causes the death of a human being,
(b) by criminal negligence,
(d) by wilfully frightenint that human being, in the case of a child or sick person

According to my Barron's law dictionary 'culpable' means "deserving of moral blame or punishment; 'criminal'. Implies, in addition to intention, recklessness as well as indifference or disregard for t he consequences that might ensue from an act, as in 'culpable' homicide. See, e.g. Criminal Code, RSC. 1985, c. C-46, ss. 222, 229-230. See also constructive murder"

s.230 'constructive murder' mentions s.279 kidnapping and forcible confinement under 'Assaults on the person'

s. 279 (2) "Every one who, without lawful authority, confines, imprisons or forcibly seizes another person is guilty of..."

The Ontario Mental Heath Act makes it illegal to confine an individual who is cabable to give consent. It doesn't say anything in it about confining non-cabable individuals, but confinement would be part of treatment that should have approval and consent of the family.

I have my doubts that any "mental health worker" (save from a qualified registered social workers and the like) and worse, any psychiatrist in this area have any idea of what their legal obligations to the public are. If they did violate then, I am quite sure the College of Physicians and Surgeons wouldn't enforce them as evidenced by the KPMG Report I have archived.

But lastly are the police services including the coroners office that resides within the Ministry of Health. The police are to champion the Charter and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The Police Services Act, 1990 has the following 'declaration of principles' as a preamble:

1. Police services shall be provided throughout Ontario in accordance with the following principles:

1) The need to ensure the safety and security of all persons and property in Ontario
2) The importance of safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code.
3) The need for co-operation between the providers of police services and the communities they serve
4) The importance of respect for victims of crime and understanding their needs
5) The need for sensitivity to the pluralistic, multiracial and multicultural character of Ontario society
6) The need to ensure that police forces are representative of the communities they serve.

Since Randy was forcibly confined for 8 hours on several contiguous occassions, this should be considered nothing but cruel and unusual treatment.

He had the right be free from it, the right to life and security of the person and the right to have equal protection of the law both in life and death. He had those rights. He has those rights.

If our police services, coroner's office or Ministry won't champion Randy's rights, who will champion them?

No detective, you don't need to justify anything to me because, it seems in Ontario, there is no justice to justify.

Q'uran "Abuse" in Guantanamo

Update June 4 '05 - Details of abuse from New York Times

Latest latest update from the New York Times.

Military procedure in Guantanamo concedes that even touching the Qu'ran by non-muslims is "desecration". No evidence of flushing down toilet.

Latest update on Q'uran abuses from the New York Times. Excerpts:

"The agent reports that the detainee said the use of the Koran as a tool in interrogation had been a mistake. "Interrogators who had taken the Koran from individual detainees as a reprisal or incentive to cooperate had failed," the detainee said, adding that the only result would be "the damage caused to the reputation of the United States once what had occurred was released to the world."

Erik Saar, co-author of "Inside the Wire" (Penguin Press, 2005) and an Arabic language translator in 2003 in Guantánamo said in a recent interview that "the detainees actually liked to complain about how the Koran was handled because they viewed it as a cause to rally around" and one that would get the attention of the camp's authorities.

Mr. Jaffer of the A.C.L.U. said the errors in the Newsweek report had been improperly used to discredit other information about abusive practices at Guantánamo "that were not based on anonymous sources, but government documents, reports written by F.B.I. agents."

The earlier release of reports in which bureau agents recounted witnessing harsh interrogations resulted in an investigation by an Air Force general of interrogation practices. That report, which was completed at the end of March, has not yet been released by the Pentagon."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Enforce *Yawn* Law? ...ho hum

The CBC reported on the Grewal tapes on tonight's National. They gave it about 2 minutes. If this was the United States, and sometimes I wish Canada had similar media attention to crimes of the government, it would be on the news for weeks if not months until justice was seen to be done.

What pissed me off more was Peter Mansbridge telling Canadians the RCMP hasn't decided whether they were going to investigate. What?

What right does the RCMP have to make a decision on whether or not to protect the public from criminal activity? Does that mean the RCMP is maintaining the status quo of politicians being above the law? Do I not as a Canadian citizen have a right under s. 15 of the Charter to be protected under these laws? Why is it they get to decide whether or not they do their jobs and enforce Part IV of the Criminal Code to protect the public?

What are they afraid of that the Liberals will cut money from their funding and thus making them prone to political manipulation?

Justice is about justice, not always about convictions. I know that I am sick and tired of seeing politicians getting away with crimes that the rest of us would get charged for.

Perhaps the RCMP should remember the 1970 Supreme Court decision of R. v. Drybones making it illegal to punish a group of people more severely than another. Group 1 = the common Canadian vs. Group 2 = the politician, in particular, the Liberal politician.

Words to Cheat, Lie and Steal By

This excellent article from Politics Watch describes what kind of government Canada is dealing with.

For the record. I was never a big Conservative fan. Ever. I thought budget talk and monetary governance was boring. But now? I hope the Conservatives and the Bloc catapult the Liberals and the C.A.W er...um I mean the NDP, into outer political orbit.

And apparently, the Privy Council Office is being used as a public relations/Liberal advertising/public "opinion" let us tell you what to think room. Did the funding for this get spending approval from Parliament?

Welcome, United States Government!

I noticed a hit by the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A) domain from the Government of the United States, doing a google search on some shady characters in the U.S and ended up at my blog. I also noticed more hits than usual by the "Government of Canada", so maybe they would like to start paying attention now. (isn't SiteMeter a great tool?)

Perhaps the F.A.A might want to check out my post "Brought to You By the Government of Canada" or "Laundry, Food and the RCMP" or "NDP Not Far From Liberal Tree" or "100 Million Still Missing from Legal Aid Account". Or, they could simply pass them on to the FBI or the State Department?

The F.A.A may also want to read Chapter 3.22 of the 2004 Security Audit from the Office of the Auditor General of Canada examining in particular: "the security clearance of airport workers requiring passes to restricted areas."

In the words of Canadian Carl Brewer: "Thank God for the FBI" when you have to call an American to do a Canadian's job. I love my perception of American justice...wish we had some here in Canada. Is it importable?

I Love Law But...

I am not a lawyer. I am a citizen activist. After I went to court without a lawyer against my will in 1997, I chose to study the Charter of Rights and case law. I developed an absolute love for it and noticed my brain was wired to understand how to read it. Who knew?

Since you can't talk to lawyers normally without them making some offensive comment about the way women are wired to communicate, I learned their language. I learned to speak in clauses, cite legislation and court decisions. I was told I was "gifted" or "interesting" or "I should study law". Of course, they were just trying to get rid of me.

Well, since I have .25 cents to my name I am not able to go to law school (yet). And besides, I'm waiting for Mr. Murphy to SUE me.

Poll Anyone?

There seems to be a lot of concern about public opinion polls. You know, the kind which influenced Cadman to vote against a non-confidence motion, Stronach to defect to the Liberals with a nice plum post fit for anyone without political experience and Murphy to attempt to convince Grewal to use them as reasoning to deal in offices to order to affect a decision in a vote.

The Kroll Report documents that the Special Programs & Sponsorship (SPS) funding had various sources within the Government of Canada (GoC) managed by the Liberal Party. According to Kroll, the contracts for SPS were issued for:

1) Sponsorship
3) Special Projects
4) Advertising
5) Purchasing of Promotional Items

The Government of Canada Budget Process for SPS was funded this way:

1) Public Works and Government Services Canada/Communications Canada - $197 million
via internal transfers - $6 million
2) Unity Reserve - via Canada Information Office (CIO) - $22 million
- via itself - $112 million
3) Other Government Departments - $16.5 million
4) Operating Reserves - $1.5 million

TOTAL: $355 million

$16.5 million of the $1.1 billion in the Government of Canada advertising budget was re-allocated to SPS contracts funnelled by other departments run by the Liberal Party.

Of that $1.1 billion in advertising budget for the GoC Vickers & Bensen had the highest total advertising contracts from the federal government at $277.57 million dollars.

Are these ad agencies who have received public revenue managed by the Liberal Party, involved in these public opinion polls that come out almost everyday telling Canadians what to think?

Years ago I knew that the polls were full of it. If I wasn't called by a well known pollster and asked their less than direct questions that could have had a million ways to respond, I would not have understood that these polls are manipulated and presented to the Canadian public as scientific data.

But, the press and broadcast media seem to love them.

Sponsored by the Government of Canada

This is my summary of the Kroll Report (I'm trying to get a better link as the CBC's does not allow you to open the Schedules and I am also trying to clarify some points with Kroll).

Note: I recently received an email from the Gomery Commission to let me know that the Schedules are not available but have been submitted as evidence. Those schedules hopefully, will clear up why $40 million for fiscal years 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03 of SPS funding that was submitted to the Treasury Board without details of how the money was to be spent. (See KP - pgs 41-42)

I added "details" to the information that was not submitted to Parliament as opposed to the $40 million because it was coming across as the full amount withheld. The two news broadcasters may be waiting for the Schedules to come available so they don't get sued, unlike myself, who is waiting for it any day now...any day... (default to sarcasm)

CTV nor the CBC siphoned through the Kroll Report. Both only announced that the new amount of Sponsorhip money is increased to $355 million from $250 million. I'd like to thank those two stations for not informing the public about what our government did in order to get that extra money to the Sponsorship programs.

The two did focus on Liberal Party donations which is up over the $2 million mark (if cash envelopes are included) but they didn't extrapolate that Kroll indicated dividends from the investment of public money given to the ad agencies were paid out to the Liberal Party in some instances.

Since there is no list of shareholders for each of the companies in this report, the amount the Liberal Party of Canada received is probably underestimated as each of those shareholders in each of the ad agencies could have donated as well.

In some instances an ad agency received 100% of their business from the Government of Canada. Talk about recycled money!

The PMO, The PCO and The TB

The Prime Minister, the Privy Council Office and the Treasury Board approved $40.1 million dollars for Special Programs and Sponsorship (SPS) spending of the public revenue without Parliament's approval for authorization to spend. $16.5 million was transferred to Public Works by other Government of Canada departments for SPS contracts. $305.1 million of the public revenue for SPS was managed externally by third party agencies. Only $26.8 million was managed internally by the Government of Canada.

Public Works repeatedly did not provide the Parliament with detailed information or segregated data on how each branch of the department was going to utilize the money for SPS, in some cases information was withheld from Parliament yet allowed requests for public funds to go undetailed by the Treasury Board. Kroll could not continue their audit because documentation was missing from the Ministry for specific years early in the formation of the setup of the SPS account.

Gagliano and Deputy Minister Ram Quail allowed extra funding in the order of $15.58 million for SPS through the Public Works Corporate Services Reserve Account. Public Works and the Canada Information Office who advertising was handled by Public Works submitted duplicate requests for 7 projects.

$1.1 billion was allocated to advertising by the Government of Canada on top of the $355 million already allocated to SPS. Other government departments passed on money to Public Works for SPS and some government departments allowed Public Works to manage their advertising accounts. In particular, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation advertising account was handled by Public Works as well as the Canada Information Office.

Other government offices passing money to Public Works for SPS programs:

1) Canadian Tourism Commission
2) Industry Canada
3) Finance Canada
4) Health Canada
5) National Defense
6) Human Resources Development Canada
7) Natural Resources Canada
8) Canada Information Office
9) Justice Canada
10) Heritage Canada
11) Public Works and Government Services Canada
12) Canada Customs and Revenue Agency

All of the Ministers of these departments weren't aware that money was being funneled outside of government oversight?

NOTE OFF TOPIC: PWGS Canada is also responsible for security checks and has handed out contracts for security clearances to private companies such as Manpower Services Canada, a temporary employment agency that is now being investigated for violations under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Manpower also supplies temporary workers to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, particularly in Windsor Ontario, whose employees also need security clearances or reliability checks performed by Manpower via Public Works who has given staff at Manpower secure status to inquire about people. Correction: C.S.I.S gives reccomendations to Public Works for security clearances but their decisions are non-binding. Security clearances are also given by law enforcment agenices (including local) via their C.I.P.I.C database. Once given, the government does not have to follow C.I.S.I.S's recommendations. So, if Gagliano has ties to organized crime and his Ministry had responsibility for handing out security checks that does not have to following the recommendations of our security officials, what does that say about our security?

Commence Report:

From the fiscal years 1995-96 to 2001-02, there was NO Parliamentary approval for $41 million of the public revenue for the Public Works budget. (KR - pg 55, Tbl 51).

Authorization for the spending was given by the Prime Minister in either obtained by his signature in approving the Treasury Board submission or indicated in a Privy Council Office memorandum. (KR - pg 55, Tbl 51)

The 1995-96 fiscal year indicated the funding request was related to ‘Canadian Unity related advertising and Public Opinion research activities’. Specific lists of projects were included the submission to the PMO and TB in the fiscal year 1996-97. (KR - pg 55, Tbl 51)

Under the Constitution Act, 1867, expenditures of public revenue have to pass through Parliament.

The Kroll Report (KR) has indicated that the amount of $355 million, $105 million over the Auditor General's amount, was increased because other funding was given by various departments of the Liberal government for SPS on top of that given within the Public Works budget for SPS.

Any requests for money, under Treasury Board rules, were supposed to document what the money was to be used for by segregating the budget for each use. This was not done but allowed to pass through the TB and PMO's office for authorization to spend, the details bypassing Parliament.

Anything that was submitted to Parliament for SPS spending did not contain appropriate details in "Reports on Plans and Priorities" (RPPs), "which include the individual expenditure plans for each department". Any increased spending over the budget does not have spending authority and has to go back to Parliament to be voted on.

"The amounts for the SPS in the Public Works budget for years 1995-96 to 1998-99 were not specifically identified in the details of the budget included in the RPP’s provided to Parliament." (KP - page 41)

"For the fiscal years 1999-00 to 2001-02, the Treasury Board approved $40 million for SPS in Public Works budget ". (KP - page 41)

Public Works have two branches of many. One is called the Communications Coordination Services Branch or CCSB and the other Advertising and Public Opinion Research Sector (APORS) who each receive part of the Public Works budget.

"CCSB did not specifically indentify or segregate the $40 million in the yearly RPP for Public Works which was provided to Parliament for use in the approval of the overall Government of Canada budget."

Misleading by withholding information from Parliament is tantamount to contempt of Parliament and frauds upon the government by its own Prime Minister, Treasury Board and Public Works Minister.

In the 1997-98 fiscal year, $2 million and $8.48 million were transferred from other branches within Public Works to APORS/CCSB for payment of SPS.

"This funding came from Corporate Services Reserve Account within Public Works. Guite or Trembly had no authority over the Corporate Services Reserve Account. $7.1 million and $8.48 million was approved by the Deputy Minister Ran Quail of Public Works based on his discussion with Minister Gagliano of Public Works" (KP- pg 53)

"Duplicate funding for 7 events by Public Works or the advertising contract handled for Communication Information Office by Public Works was not identified in either the TB submission used to obtain money from the Unity Reserve for Public Works or in the funding sought by the CIO". (KP - pg 58)

$305.1 million of the public revenue was allowed to be managed externally by third party agencies and only $26.8 million of the public revenue was managed internally by the Government of Canada (KR - pg 20 table 5).

The Liberal government allowed $305.1 million dollars of public revenue to be managed outside of government controls.

What company in this world would allow their money to be managed outside of their control and why would the Liberal government allow such management to occur?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So Sue ME

Mr. Murphy, since your into suing everyone for noticing a what they consider a criminal act, I'd like you to SUE ME. I ask fellow bloggers to ask Mr. Murphy to sue them. The more bloggers that request this the more money Mr. Murphy will use from the public revenue to press his case. How many millions of bloggers are doing it in China blogging against corruption of their government as we speak?

Yes, that's right. I contacted the RCMP to ask his opinion on the situation. You might like this. The officer had no idea Part IV of the Criminal Code existed. I wonder why that is? He told me to go to the Justice of the Peace and make a citizens complaint. I also contacted a Crown Attorney to ask their advice. Didn't get any. Why's that? I also debated which clause of the Criminal Code in Part IV the tape applies to. Is it s. 119 or s. 125? Hmmm...Influence and Dealing in Offices...which is it?

Go between for Belinda huh? Needed votes huh? Polls huh? No one wants an election huh?

No really.

If you sue me, I have to opportunity to explain to a judge why I started this blog. I knew Canada was corrupt years ago and have a sculpture to prove it!

Corrupt political system, corrupt bureaucratic system, corrupt corporate system and corrupt justice system. Anyone care to add a few? I want the chance for a judge to see all my evidence that I have accumlated over the years from denial of my legal rights and the rights of others.

I decided I wasn't going to let lawyers of the ilk in politics who enter for selfish reasons to continue to oppress myself and others. So I decided to teach myself law. That's right, a Canadian who finally decided enough was enough and chose to educate herself in the laws that are supposed to protect us.

What I've learned is that so much of it is being ignored to such a degree I don't even know why we have laws, let alone a Constitution or a section in the Criminal Code that prevents politicians from abusing their power. Like you Mr. Murphy. You seem to be above the law.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Finding Love in All the Right Places

Angry in the Great White North was at it again even on a long holiday weekend. He was snooping into the federal party donations database. We're gonna have to keep him from doing that because someone might actually pay attention and get the PMO into trouble with the ethics counselor or something.

Not that the PM can get into trouble mind you, Martin that is. He's above the law as long as he doesn't get caught with the improper wording or communication and then, he's above the law. Apparently he is above the Constitution too, but that was a little too obvious for us to believe, so we fluffed it off and went on barbecuing.

You know? I was thinking, it's nice to have friends in high places. Really high places. Really really high places to help them get to where they are going.

It also helps if those friends have money to burn like those donations from Magna Inc., which include donations to Paul Martin's Campaign (compliments of AGWN):

1) Magna International - $55, 000 (total of 3 donations)
2) Intier (Magna subsidiary) - $15,000
3) Decoma (Magna subsidiary) - $5000;
4) Tesma (Magna subsidiary) - $15,000;
5) Cosmos (Magna subsidiary) - $1000

Who is Magna you say? Why that's the company that Belinda Stronach was president of. It goes to show that women can and do get involved in politics. (side note: I wonder how many donations and in what amounts were from the C.A.W or from its members?)

Then that got me wondering what type of government appointment I could buy for .25 cents? Which is about all I've got left for the next two weeks until payday. . . ("Wait a minute"...I say to myself, "what payday?" "Your a starving artist that has too much imagination or intuition or skepticism who likes reading law books and dictionaires" I says to myself. "You know, your one of those types of artists, the kind nobody likes because they attempt to effect social changes" I say. "You have freedom! You don't have to live your life by any one's leave! " . . . Um huh? yeah, whatever...)

You remember David Peterson? That third party go-between to help deal, negotiate and influence the office appointment of Belinda Stronach, former President of Magna?

Well, he is also a partner at GPC Public Affairs, you know, that "strategic communications, government relations and opinion research company" who has a "powerful team for the benefit of our clients" who employ privileged, "eminent Canadians including former corporate leaders, premiers, cabinet ministers, senior bureaucrats, political advisors, and media executive".

Well if you want some historical blog archives about bias of this pollster pick here.

Warm Fuzzy note. When I was young, gorgeous AND enthusiastic, I met David Peterson at a Liberal convention in Windsor. I was really surprised that he had the stature of a horse jockey. Funny, I could have sworn he looked larger than life on television. It was kind of a disappointment, you know like those times when as a kid you bought one of those surprise bags for $1 and all you got was a mojo and a green plastic whistle?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

No Inquest Into Deaths at Oaklands Regional Centre

There will be no inquest into the deaths of the residents of Oaklands Regional Centre, including that of Randy Mogridge as reported in the Saturday May 21 Hamilton Spectator.

The Coroner's office did give recommendations. They include (from the Spec)

"1) Reviewing the qualifications of staff and providing them with ongoing education.

2) A collaboration between Oaklands and Halton Health Services to develop an educational program for hospital staff.

3) A review of processes for administering medicine

4) Developing a patient profile for each resident and providing staff with a better understanding of pica, a condition where a person will ingest anything, often leading to gastrointestinal blockages

5) The Ministry of Community and Social Services work with the Ministry of Health to increase the number of health-care professional able to provide care to developmentally challenged adults."

This isn't good enough. 10 individuals died at Oakland Regional Centre. Correction, 7 died at Walkerton and 100's continue on with illnesses. An inquiry was called in the case of Walkerton. No inquiry was called for severely mentally disabled Canadian citizens who had the right to life and were supposed to be protected equally under law. Hundreds more will surely die because of the effects of being treated cruelly and unusally. Such is the state of attitude of health care workers supported by the Ministry of Health towards the mentally ill.

The families of these individuals should seek legal redress and demand a criminal negligence investigation considering the recommendations that were given.

It's nothing less than justice denied, rights denied and makes me wonder, once again about why I continue to stay in this country.

I truly hope Gloria Mogridge commences legal action against the Coroner's office and both Ministries. I hope she also commences a Charter challenge against all three as well. At least request the Ontario Human Rights Commission to make their own inquiry.

Mrs. Mogridge, know that I am here to support you as well as others in this country who demand justice and a just society. If anyone is able to copy this report and send to Ms. Mogridge, I'm sure her lawyer would find it to come in handy to understand the attitudes of the individuals who administer the health professions.

The public interest is being ignored as evidenced from this report and the Ministry of Health and its Minister, George Smitherman, is ignoring it. Ms. Mogridge, for what it is worth, that report can be used as evidence because it was commissioned by the Ministry of Health in 2000.

My copy is marked on purpose but if anyone working on behalf of the Mogridge's would like a clean copy, please contact me at habamusrodentum@yahoo.com and I can make arrangements to get you one if it is believed it could be used in a court of law.

Coyne Suspends Comments - Thankfully

Update: I read Andrew's post on the comments. He has every right to disable them because he has to maintain journalistic integrity. It doesn't mean that his right to free speech or freedom of the press was removed. The National Post also has more to loose than bloggers do. Money. Probably lots of it. Not to mention standing. This said:

I want to thank Andrew Coyne for suspending his comments. After reading many of them I was ready to quit making comments or visiting his site altogether. I noticed the same on Small Dead Animals where they seemed even more vitriolic.

For the record Andrew, I did enjoy your blog and many of the commentaries except for the 'whore' stuff, the comments you pointed out and perhaps some of mine (how could that be?...jk...or am I?). All of us will feel responsible for awhile, until we find another blog to attach ourselves like a barnacle.

For what it's worth, if it there is truth to and fruition of Mr. Murphy suing Mr. Coyne via The National Post for libel, he might as well SUE ME too, although I only have .25 cents. And my first born? Already spoken for by Ontario Legal Aid in 1996. And my cat? Well you can't have my cat. And my artwork? I'm working on this story line for that...picture it: "I had to smuggle it out as I am on the run as a political dissident from Canada all the while, when attempting to get the stash to a gallery in New York I have to dodge American authorities because some of it contains hemp fibres ..." You get the idea

Friday, May 20, 2005

Another Non-Confidence Vote Makes The Times

The New York Times followed up with a report on Thursday's tie-breaking vote in the House of Commons. It made number three in their top international news stories, not buried within the bowels of their on-line reports.

The Times has some interesting viewpoints that would resonate with Americans, in particular security and trade relations with the United States.

"While the victory in the deeply divided legislature will avert an immediate election, it probably will mean only a brief respite for Mr. Martin from the continuous political troubles that have shaken his ability to improve security and trade relations with the United States and infused new oxygen into the separatist movement in Quebec."

They also noted that the Canadian dollar was shaky.

What I find interesting is the Times mention of Belinda Stronach defecting "in return for a cabinet seat."

Belinda's "Dear Constituent" Letter

Compliments of GWGM for the link from Andrew Coyne's blogspot from CFRB Radio report

To view Belinda's "Dear Constituent" letter click here.

HA! Note on her report that she is "honoured to be the Co-Chair of the Canadian Victims of Crime Foundation Gala".

Belinda, can you say "Part IV Criminal Code"?

Perhaps I should *sniff*... you know...*sniff*... call the Foundation...Oh!...*sniff*...I feel so...you know...*sniff*...victimized...

We Are Players in "The Game"

Preparing for my guests this weekend I started to clean off a few books shelves to accommodate the myriad of papers I have strewn about the place.

Amongst the long forgotten book Bleeding Manipur, an advertisement of the 46th Annual Art Directors Show of 1967 and articles on dense wavelength division multiplexing, I came across two books I purchased for .25 cents each at the Windsor Public Library from Dr. H. MacIvor's 4th year course (45-314 to be exact) in the 2004 Winter semester on Constitutional Law and Politics.

Serendipitous to find the book after the Liberals maneuvered themselves to dis the Constitution? Anyway, I wanted to share Dr. MacIvor's material from his lecture course load in the following.

So what is a Constitution anyway?

"It sets out the rules of the political game, which must be followed by political actors (including the individual citizens who make up the electorate) and enforced by the courts.

It reflects the political and cultural symbols which distinguish one nation from another, and which unite the members of that nation.

It divides legitimate authority among the various parts of the state, both within the national government and between the national and sub-national governments.

It restricts the overall authority of the state, forbidding political and governmental actors from intruding on the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

In general, it lays out the ways in which rulers and the ruled expect each other to behave in the public arena, and sets the standard by which their actions are to be measured."

St. Thomas Aquinas: "Law is a rule and measure of human acts, whereby man is induced to act or is restrained from acting".

Dr. MacIvor explains the Constitution:

Four Primary Elements of a Constitution

1) Entrenched written law
2) Non-entrenched written law
3) Unwritten conventions
4) Case Law (also known as common law)

Entrenched Constitutional Law vs. Ordinary Statutes

1) Entrenched constitutional laws must be ratified by a special process
2) Entrenched constitutional laws override regular statutes, when the two conflict.

Judicial Review of the Constitution

Definition: The process by which judges interpret the entrenched text, whether in the course of applying it to the resolution of particular disputes, or in response to a reference question from the executive branch.

Non-Entrenced Constitutional Law

Definition: Written laws which, although not ratified under the constitutional amending formula, have acquired quasi-constitutional status by virtue of their subject-matter; laws which define and apply the broad principles set out in the constitutional text.

Examples: the Canada Elections Act, the Electoral Boundaries readjustment Act, the 1996 Constitutional Veto Act, the 2000 Clarity Act, and the 1960 Bill of Rights.

What is a Constitutional Convention?

Definition: An unwritten rule of legitimate procedure which has evolved over decades or centuries of political practice.

Conventions are not enforceable by the courts, but they may carry a powerful normative force which binds political actors to follow it or risk serious political consequences.

Example: "a Constitution Similar in Principle to that of the United Kingdom" (preamble to the Constitution Act, 1867)

Three Tests for Establishing a Constitutional Convention

From the 1981 Sumpreme Court ruling in the Patriation Reference:

1) What are the precedents? How often has this practice been followed in the past, and under what circumstances?

2) Is there solid historical evidence that the actors in the precedents believed that they were morally bound to follow this practice?

3) Is there a good reason for the practice? Does it make sense to recognize it as a morally binding rule for future political actors?

Case Law

Definition: The body of constitutional jurisprudence which builds up over decades or centuries of judicial review.

To fully understand the entrenched constitutional test, and the ways in which it is animated by constitutional principles and conventions, it is essential to grasp the core principles laid down by the Supreme Court in its various interpretations of the constitution.

Why Do We Need Case Law?

The importance of case law rests on Aristotle's' concept of "equity": while laws are written in general language to cover a multitude of unforeseeable situations, they must be applied to resolve particular disputes. Therefore, judges must be allowed to interpret the general language of a law in such a way that it becomes relevant to the individual case under adjudication.

Constitutional "Equity"

This principle applies with particular force to constitutional laws, which are necessarily written in broad terms which will stand the test of time. Therefore, the courts are deliberately given wide latitude to interpret the general language of entrenched constitutional law so that it may be adapted to changing circumstances, even though these interpretations may vary widely from the (real or alleged) intentions of those who wrote the Constitution.

Stare Decesis

The Supreme Court is bound by its own prior precedents, under the legal doctrine of stare decisis ("the decision stands"). But the Court has some freedom: it can distinguish existing doctrines (explain why they do not apply to the case at bar), or overturn existing doctrines and replace them with new interpretations of the Constitution.

The doctrine of stare decisis applies with greater force to the lower courts. Therefore, the judicial review of the Charter has become a high-stakes political contest.

For background on Canadian the Constitution check out the post "While My Blog Gently Weeps"

Super Duceppe - My New Hero

The Globe & Mail reports that Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois has asked RCMP to investigate Grewal's taped conversations with Ujjal Dosanjh and Tim Murphy both of the Liberal Party.

The concern by media is that Mr. Grewal surreptitiously taped the conversations without the knowledge of Dosnajh or Murphy.

Investigative reporters usually surreptitiously tape unsuspecting individuals to get evidence to support their investigations.

The question of entrapment has also floated around. Entrapment is "a common law defense when authorities provide a person with an opportunity to commit an offense without acting on a reasonable suspicion that an individual [or party in this case] is already engaged in criminal activity or pursuant to a bona fide inquiry" - Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary

The question, for me is, whether or not Grewal is an 'authority'. I would opine that he is since he is a member of the House of Commons, he is of some authority.

According to the definitions in Martin's Criminal Code of Canada, Under s. 2 'Interpretation' :

"Parliament may constitutionally vest exclusive jurisdiction in the Attorney General of Canada to prosecute offences which do not depend for their validity on s. 91(27) of the Constitution Act, 1867: R. v. Hauser, [1979] 1 S.C.R. 984, 46 C.C.C. (2d) 481, 8 C.R. (3d) 89 (5:2).

It would also seem that Parliament may vest prosecutorial authority in the federal Attorney General under this section even where the offence depends for its validity on the criminal law power is s. 91(27): Canada (Attorney General) v. Canadian National Transportation, Ltd., et al"

I hope Duceppe doesn't stop there. I hope he also requests the RCMP to investigate Belinda Stronach, Martin and David Peterson under s. 125 of the C.C.C for influencing or negotiating appointments or dealing in offices' for the position she was given as Minister of Human Resources without the political qualifications in order to influence yesterday's vote.

Investigation Into Deaths at Mental Health Facility

Halton Regional News covered the original search for Randy Mogridge who left the grounds of Oakland Regional Centre, a home for the mentally ill in Oakville Ontario who was later found drowned in a river behind the Centre. His death totals the number to 10 residents who died since 2000 while recieving treatment at the Centre.

Dr Barry McLellan, Ontario's Chief Coroner announced in January 2005 there would be an investigation to determine whether or not there would be a coroner's inquest into 10 deaths at Oakland Regional Centre.

From Medbroadcast.com's March 30, 2005 web post: "Coroners and police have spent months investigating 10 deaths at Oakland Regional Centre in Oakville over a four-year period that began in January 2000. The expanded probe should wrap up by the end of May, and a decision on whether to hold an inquest will be made then, said the statement."

CTV's 10 second announcement into this very serious issue this morning on Canada AM reporting there would be an investigation. CTV did not clarify if it a coroner's inquest was commencing or if it was a concurrent criminal investigation.

Halton Regional Police confirmed there were officers involved with the Coroner's Office but could not confirm whether or not there would be a concurrent criminal negligence investigation into the 10 deaths at the Centre, including that of Randy Mogridge.

Many caring individuals in Hamilton were searching for Randy when he went missing. The details of how the mentally ill, many autistic like Randy, were treated at this Centre.

I wrote to Judy Marsales, Liberal M.P.P. of Hamilton Centre to inquire whether or not there would be an investigation into criminal negligence of the Centre. In her written response she was going to look into it but I still have not heard any confirmation. When contacting her office I was told by a staff member that it wasn't a big concern to them because it wasn't a concern of their constituents.

Randy's, and the other residents who died while residing at Oakridge Regional Centre had the right to life as guaranteed under the Charter. They also had the right to be protected equally under s. 15 of the Charter. The horrendous treatment of these individuals underscore the attitudes of our community towards to mentally ill, especially by those who are purported to be their "support" system.

Their Charter rights should not be denied in death. To protect others, the families of Randy and the other victims should expect equal protection under law, that being the Criminal Code of Canada.

I implore Halton Regional Police to commence a criminal negligence investigation to protect others from the individuals, including the director, that worked at this Centre from ever working within the health care system again. The result will protect others that work in all Centres that care for the mentally ill. Justice does not depend on convictions.

As for Judy Marsales, a Liberal, sometimes following the supreme law of Canada is more important than what the majority of your constituents want or understand. Even if those concerns fall out of your jurisdiction, these things affect all of us but especially the families of the victims.

I am waiting to hear confirmation whether or not CTV's announcement was a commencement of a coroner's inquest, a criminal investigation or both. I will update post when I learn more.

Money Given to Oakland Regional Centre in 2001

Cam Jackson, Conservative MPP announces extra funding given to Oakland Regional Centre in 2001 for increased services.

"Our government is committed to supporting vulnerable people in Halton Region and across this province," said Jackson. "This new funding will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the people and families who need it most."

The $465,000 will be used to create more living spaces in the community for adults with developmental disabilities. This funding is intended to benefit adults living at home with aging parents and adults whose care needs are becoming more intense as they age."

So why were there 10 deaths since then?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

While My Blog Gently Weeps

It's now the Constitution of Convenience. The people of Canada elected officials to the House of Commons. It's the House of Commons that represents Canada. If the House, by a majority of votes pass a motion that is explicitly non-confidence, which does not have to be budget bills, it means the Government of the day has lost confidence of the House. We are not dealing with honourable elected officials. We are dealing with corrupt Liberals and the New Democratic Party who is the puppet of the Canadian Auto-Workers Union.

I'll bid farewell to ev'ry fear
And wipe my weeping eyes
- Isaac Watts

From the History of Canada's Constitutional Development - Government of Canada Privy Council Office

"Responsible government denotes a system wherein the members of Cabinet are collectively responsible to the elected House for the actions of the executive. If they lose the confidence or support of the elected House, they must resign or seek a new mandate.

Conventions and precedent remain to this day the basis of responsible government in Canada."

And from something as basic as MSN Encarta:

"Specifically, the prime minister and cabinet ministers are accountable to the House of Commons and must maintain the support of a majority of its members. Central to the concept of responsible government are the principles of ministerial responsibility. These principles were derived from the parliamentary experience of Britain and were adopted in Canada when the country was founded. There are two parts to the doctrine of ministerial responsibility: collective and individual.

The confidence rule requires the prime minister and the Cabinet to maintain the confidence, or support, of the House of Commons. It gives Parliament a tool to keep the prime minister and the Cabinet accountable to all voters. The House of Commons can withdraw its support by voting down a significant government proposal or by approving a specific motion of “no confidence” in the government.

There are occasions during each parliamentary session when each opposition party is allowed to introduce motions of “no confidence” in the government. MPs (the abbreviation for member of Parliament that identifies members of Commons) can present such a motion in response to the Speech from the Throne, which outlines the government’s legislative program. Members of Commons can also present a motion in response to the Budget Speech, which reviews the government’s economic record, taxation, and expenditure plans, and to Supply Motions, which concern budgets for individual departments. If a majority of MPs support a no-confidence motion, the government must resign."

Perhaps we should let Encarta know it doesn't apply to the C.A.W backed-Office Dealing Stronach-Liberal Government?

And from Associate Professor Heard at Simon Fraser University:

"The fundamental basis of a confidence vote is that the elected members of the legislature express their collective view of the government. If that view conveys a loss of confidence or states that the government should resign, then the government must either resign or call an election.

The wording of the motion passed on May 10, 2005 indicates that it should be considered a clear vote of confidence. What is important in this motion is that the House had to collectively express its view on whether the government should resign. One could not vote for the motion without agreeing that the government should resign, which is the essence of a non-confidence vote. While the wording of the motion is convoluted, the essential content is a clear expression of non-confidence."

Check out this post "We Are Players in the Game" for more Constitutional Info

Gomery Orders Vickers & Bensen to Open Books

Vickers & Bensen thought they were above the law. Why is it that anyone associated with Martin has this idea? Gomery orders V&B to open their accounts and expose salaries and details of purchase from French firm Havas they were hoping to keep secret. C'est domage. More from the C.B.C

Get ready for todays vote in the House of Parliament via CPAC's online video streaming.

Forget CBC. Even though it's the nations channel, The Nation's Business isn't important enough to air.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"They are Fucking Barrel Suckers"

CTV has latest report on Dudley George shooting at Ipperwash.

Transcript of conversation between then incident commander, Insp. John Carson and Insp. Ron Fox in charge of Police Operations and the Ontario government's liaison for Native Affairs after coming from a meeting with top Conservative government officials and former Premiere Mike Harris:

Fox: "John, we're dealing with a real [emphasis according to his voice] red neck

Carson: "Ok"

Fox: "They are fucking barrel suckers. They just are in love with guns"

Carson: "Ok"

Fox: "There's no question. They don't give a shit less about Indians"

Carson: "Ok. They just want us to kick ass"

Yet Mike Harris's lawyer say there is "no issue they could direct the O.P.P"

Oh yeah? What about the obstruction of justice that was in full play when the George family commenced their civil case?

So who is the "they" who wanted the O.P.P to kick ass?

When I chose to write to the United Nations for the C.E.D.A.W review, I contacted the Allied Iroquois and Associated Indians political affairs person. I let her know about the submission and we agreed that we would support each other. I told her that I was going to write about the Dudley George incident to clarify what kind of a government women were dealing with in Ontario and she agreed to contact native women's groups.

The following week it was announced on the front page of the Toronto Star that native women's groups were going to make a submission to the United Nation's C.E.D.A.W convention. Many concerns were noted in the report regarding native women in Canada, in particular British Columbia.

In a conversation with Ab Chabar, a City of London councilor and a sitting board member of the Ontario Legal Aid Committee at the time, he told me that Mike Harris "had the right to make a judgment call" regarding the Ipperwash crisis. I got him to reiterate it in writing in an email and I sent it to her. The main point is, he didn't deny that Harris made the decision against the natives in Ipperwash.

SSRIs, Infant Dependancy & G.I. Diseases


Babies Develop Drug-Related Symptoms After Birth

The Associated Press reports that new research confirms that:

"Babies born to women taking antidepressants in the last three months of pregnancy were three times more likely to develop drug-related symptoms than those born to women who did not use the drugs or took them only in earlypregnancy, according to a University of Pittsburgh study that pooled previous research."

Prior research reports, using data compiled by the World Health Organization found that that some infants among those who suffered withdrawal symptoms after birth, had convulsions.

Antidepressants and Gastrointestinal Diseases

Digestive Disease Week 2005 (DDW), reviewed the records of hospital inpatients admitted with acute GI bleeding between June andDecember 2003.

The authors found that "the use of a common type of antidepressant may increase gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding."

The Northwestern physicians who conducted the study noted that bleeding from SSRIs is similar to that caused by the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, known as pain relievers).

They emphasized the danger of prescribing multiple drugs:

"This is a potent example of the need for doctors to be particularlyconscientious about potential side effects when prescribing multiplemedications for their patients."

However, in psychiatry, indiscriminate prescribing of drug cocktails (polypharmacy) is the current norm and practice.

Psychiatrists' practices fail to consider the horrific consequences borne by their patients--Psychiatry's first loyalty appears to be to their industry supporters--Current prescription algorithms in psychiatry--which we call Psychiatry for Dummies--were formulated to increase profits for drug manufacturers.

Harris Wanted Natives Out of Ipperwash

The CBC reports on latest Ipperwash inquiry news that Mike Harris wanted the natives out of Ipperwash, which resulted in the shooting of Dudley George.

The inquiry heard the O.P.P did not handle the Ipperwash crisis as they normally would, through the courts. So who called in the 200 member riot squad and military vehicles if it wasn't former Conservative Premier Mike Harris? Was it former London Police Chief Julian Fantino? Or former Conservative M.P.P Marcel Beaubien? Who?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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Belinda's Corporate Slip is Showing

I have respect for Belinda Stronach, not because she crossed over to the Liberal caucus but because she was a small 'c' conservative with a social conscience. But anything positive she has to bring to politics is negated by shaking Paul Martin's hand, the man who 64% of Canadians don't trust.

Tell me that the influence of the C.A.W, er um, I mean the NDP, didn't have anything to do with it. How telling is the corporate influence by the position she was offered by the Liberals? Minister of Human Resources Development Canada.

Even if she has good intentions, I believe her new party home will let her down by The Players within it. Why should I believe that anything good will come of her being HRDC Minister or part of the caucus of the Liberal Party?

I wonder when the Conservatives in the West will understand Ontarians? No one in Ontario likes control freaks in politics. We Ontarians have had enough of Mike Harris and we have visions of his resurrection in another name. Many Ontarians have the proverbial nightmare of a wolf in sheep's clothing as it were.

And then I wonder when Ontarians will GET IT. That the Liberal party has caused us a lot of suffering by their budget cuts because money was being funneled elsewhere by mismanagement and corruption. How do social programs survive if they are managed poorly or the money for them is stolen?

Then there is ignoring the concerns of women. Not only that, calling Belinda a whore in blog comments, not by men, but by women is just a transference of misogyny the Conservatives should not associate themselves with. A person is not 'strong' if they have to resort to disgusting stereotypical references to a woman's sexuality when those women makes choices that aren't popular within their group. It's called emotional bullying, group think and defies decorum, for real.

If the Conservatives GET IT they will address the issues important to women head on, especially the lack thereof of female representation in their party. When will the Conservatives stop being influenced by the American 'right' and acknowledge that our 'right' is different? They should wish Belinda well but oppose her with the things the Liberals have ignored for 10 years by pointing out the problems within HRDC with reasons and facts not just claims.

The Conservatives need to go on the offensive, not the defensive. Ignore negativity, respond with positivity. Brush up on Psychology 101. Tell Canadians what is good about the Conservatives. They need to know. We want to know.

Semantics Scale

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

A Link for Separatism

We haven't heard from The Ontarian Separatist for awhile...

Come on. . . Sheesh! #2

CTV reported on Canada AM this morning that the Conservative 'attack ads' began. Attack?
I don't think so. Personal 'dissing going on? I don't think so.

CTV, they aren't attack ads if there is truth to them. These are bad semantics and misleading. Paul Martin asked publicly for the animosity to be reduced in the House of Commons. Notice did he take responsibility publicly for his own party? No. If he wants us to think he's credible he should acknowledge that his party is responsible as well. Paul Martin did not ask to extend that to election campaign ads as CTV implies. And why should any one listen to him anyway?

I am putting a lot of hope into the Conservative Party to clean up when they get into power, because they are sure to get in with a minority and they need to show Canadians that they put their money where their mouth is. If they are going to point out the Liberal corruption, the CP has to tell us what they are going to do about it when they get there.

1) Will the CP open up the inquiry to other mandates such as the appointment of judges?

2) Will the CP tell Canadians that they will prosecute those that are responsible for the corruption? Justice delayed is justice denied. And justice isn't just about convictions.

3) Will the CP show the statistics on how Canadians feel about Paul Martin's honesty?

4) Will the CP ensure the provinces that their transfer payment agreements will be honoured?

5) Will the CP use the C.E.D.A.W convention recommendations and concerns in their ads against the Liberals?

6) Will the CP point out this International Treaty was ignored by the Liberals party, including the Ministry of Justice? The Greens have listed the C.E.D.A.W convention in their platform.

7) Will the CP focus on the lack of investment of the northern territories natural resources?

8) Will the CP focus on the fact that Canada has only 2% of the world economy and show why this is deplorable?

9) Will the CP clarify that they are not going to open up the abortion issue.

10) Will the CP point out the Liberals have ignored issues many women are concerned about in the last election? In particular HRDC benefits for non-traditional employment?

11) Will the CP put forward a better argument on same sex marriage to appeal to reason as opposed to emotion? (I'm for same sex marriage bty, but I have an argument for civil unions)

12) Will the CP tell Canadians that Canada needs a change that accommodates autonomy for the provinces (that may even entail an amendment to the 1867 Constitution Act) to counter Liberals claims that the CP are siding with separatists? (I am a separatist bty, but I believe in a Canadian Union made up of provinces turned nations. This means removal of federal parliament, federal MP's and the federal bureaucracies etc., over a period of 10 to 20 years)

13) Will the CP focus on the facts of particular accusations of Liberal corruption?

14) Will the CP address the psychology of why they are so scary to Ontarians and Quebecers?

15) Will the CP assure Ontarians and Quebecers they have nothing to fear about them being in power publicly?

Well, that's the first list.

Come on...Sheesh! #1

Who the hell would use race in an election campaign? "The leaflets, which popped up on Saturday, have the words "don't vote ugly black" over Mr. Igali's picture and "vote pretty brown" under Mr. Bains's, who is Indo-Canadian." Here is the Globe & Mail report

Mr. Igali is my personal hero, even though he's running with the Liberal Party. He's experienced enough discrimination by this country even though he won Canada an Olympic gold medal for wrestling. This is how Canada greeted him from his Olympic return: no one showed up. What is wrong with Canada?

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Many Faces of Fraud

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released it's May 2005 report on Financial Crimes.

It's written simply but with the American system in mind. I thought I would make this a 'didactic' post. This post contains a report I obtained by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care in 2002 and not publicly available. Once you read some of the pages, you'll see why. Here are some excerpts:

Corporate Fraud

Involves following activities:

1) falsification of financial information, including false accounting entries, bogus trades designed to inflate profit or hide losses, and false transactions designed to evade regulatory oversight.

2) self-dealing by corporate insiders, including i) insider trading ii) kick-backs iii) misuse of corporate property for personal gain; and iv) individual tax violations related to self-dealing

4) obstruction of justice designed to conceal either of the above-noted types of criminal conduct, particularly when the obstruction impedes the inquiries of the securities and exchange commission(SEC), other regulatory agencies and/or law enforcement agencies.

To Identify Money Laundering

1) beware of large scale cash transactions, the large or rapid movement of funds and an unrealistic net worth compared to reported income and/or employment

2) maintain and test internal financial controls, policies and operations

3) recognize and report suspicious transactions, maintain professional skepticism

Health Care Fraud

We don't have the extent of health care fraud in Canada as in the United States, but there are some things that are probably ignored by law enforcement here.

For example, in Ontario, I don't believe billing schemes are considered fraud within our health legislation. The College of Physician's and Surgeons (CPSO) and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care allow doctor's to charge whatever hourly rate they want when preparing a person's health records for release. There are no regulations allowing a limit on hourly rates.

There is no offense clause in health legislation that covers false or exaggerated medical disabilities as well as altered or fabricated medical documents perpetrated by physicians (this includes psychiatrists).

Even if there were, the 'authorities' would refer a complainant to the CPSO and the physician, for example, would not face the same penalty as other Ontarians for the same crime. It would be rare if the College chooses to deal with it since most of their disciplinary measures are a majority of sex related cases.

In this KPMG report on page 22 81% of complainants and 67% of physicians did not feel that the complaints process reflected the CPSO's responsibility to protect the public interest. 77% of complainants and 56% of physicians did not feel that the process reflects current public expectations and social values. On page 21 70% of complaints and 46% of physicians did not feel that the Complaints Committee gave an adequate rationale for its decisions.

This report is now somewhat outdated. I am currently in the process of checking to see if the 'Conclusions and Recommendations' by KPMG listed in pages 47 to 51 and its findings of its 'Decisions and Public Interest' on pages 39 to 46 (which is quite incredible if not corrupt in its own right) by the CPSO and Minister Smitherman's office.

The list of people I have attempted to contact about this report is long. It includes Dwight Duncan, Sandra Pupatello, at least 3 policy persons and a lawyer in the Minister of Health's office, and numerous letters sent to me by Minister Smitherman all ignoring my requests and the government's own responsibility to protect the public interest.

This report has implications in the Toronto SARS crisis as a future post will show and my allegations of Ontario government negligence.

I've also attempted to contact CTV, City T.V., and the CBC about this report but no one contacted me back. Oh well, c'est domage. You snooze you loose.