Thursday, June 29, 2006

When pigs fly it's a beautiful sight but watch out for the dumps

Holy Geez...the government of Ontario is going to increase Legal Aid funding by $13 million and citing the new Access to Justice Act, 2005 which hasn't been passed yet will help "address the issue of unrepresented litigants". See this press release from yesterday

This is good news. But it's just a shine job for now - until it's actually working and helping people I won't give the Liberals credit for it.

If the Liberals increased legal aid funding by 10% or $ 25 million - it isn't showing in increased access to legal services - because legal aid offices are still wringing their hands at being able to deny applicant's certificates especially - those who are unfortunate enough to be caged within Ontario mental health abuse system.

If the system was working I wouldn't have had to commence a human rights complaint against the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Law Society of Upper Canada, Legal Aid Ontario, Law Foundation of Ontario and LibraryCo - all under s.s 1;10 (3) and 11 (1) & (2) of the Ontario Human Rights Code (Code linked to the left)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good grief not good government

Oh my God…I want to cry.

After speaking with yet another Hamilton police officer and being denied services – yet again, I end up perusing the net and find that the American Department of Justice has a special department that investigates and prosecutes hospitals in order to uphold disability rights!

See the DOJ website.

What the hell is going on in Canada then? Committing crimes against humanity that allows individuals with disabilities – in particular those branded mental illness – to be abused to the point of near death or death that’s what.

Here is an example what recent protections the DOJ has been involved in – in this case it investigated four hospitals in California that were violating the civil rights of their institutionalized patients within their mental health facilities.


“Individuals in the care of the State are entitled to be safe and provided with adequate services to promote their mental health and rehabilitation,” said Wan J. Kim, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division”


“A mental health patient in many ways is more vulnerable than other citizens, and therefore particularly needs to be protected from undue harm,” said United States Attorney Debra Wong Yang. “The settlement will lead these well-known and often-used hospitals to enact sweeping changes that will improve the lives of hundreds of patients.”


“The Department found a pattern and practice of preventable suicides and serious, life threatening assaults on residents by staff and other residents”

I hope our Ministers of Justice are reading this and will start to proactively uphold the rights of individuals with disabilities like they are in the United States instead of burying their heads in the sand and being complicit in the abuse.

One method to stop this systemic discrimination is to have 'a minister of the Crown' to designate police officers to take an information on all offenses that have been violated under various provincial legislation that have an offense clause in it.

I'm getting tired of hearing police officers - provincial offenses officer - as clarified in the definitions of the Provincial Offenses Act* - instead of them telling victims they aren’t interested in protecting their legislated rights.

(* there is a new currency of this Act that refers to and will be amended to (?) the Good Government Act, 2006)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Consumer Alert

Recall -- Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Sage Products Inc. Issues a Voluntary Recall of Comfort Shield® Perineal Care Washcloths in the U.S. and Canada

Sage Products Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Cary, IL -- June 23, 2006 -- Sage Products Inc., of Cary, Illinois, is initiating a voluntary recall of specific lots of Comfort Shield Perineal Care Washcloth product codes due to contamination with Burkholderia cepacia. See identified lots, below.

Code # Lot # Dates shipped

7403 1301 02/10/06 - 02/13/06

7403 1312 02/13/06 - 03/02/06

7403 1312 02/13/06 - 03/02/06

7403 1457 02/24/06 - 03/01/06

7403 1677 05/02/06 - 05/03/06

7408 1848 04/18/06

7503 1999 05/03/06 - 05/16/06

7524 2070 05/01/06 - 05/15/06

7524 2086 05/11/06 - 05/15/06

7905 1766 03/22/06 - 06/12/06

7503-M 1702 04/13/06

7503-M 1995 04/13/06 - 05/19/06

Burkholderia cepacia can cause serious infections including pneumonia and bacterial sepsis in immunocompromised persons, persons with cystic fibrosis (CF), in hospitalized patients in general as well as certain other patient groups. No other lots of Comfort Shield Perineal Care Washcloths from Sage Products are known to be affected by this recall.

The product was distributed to hospitals, medical centers and long-term care facilities in the U.S. and Canada. There was no known distribution through retail sales. Sage Products initiated this recall after receiving and investigating a Canadian complaint on lot 1457 of off odor. At the present time, Sage Products Inc has received no reports of patient injury. This voluntary recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.

Customers who have the affected lots of these products should stop usage, sale and distribution, and should contact Sage Products to coordinate product return and replacement. Product is available for immediate replacement and no stock outage is anticipated. To arrange for product replacement, contact Customer Service at 1-800-323-2220. Return affected product only, to Sage Products Inc, 3909 Three Oaks Road, Cary, IL 60013, attention: Customer Service.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Summertime and the livin' is...

Well...Summer is here and so are the vast array of events in almost every city and town in Canada as well as summer rituals.

On of those rituals for me is reading books. Last summer I posted a number of book reviews as this time of year I find conducive to settle into some good reading - either under the shade of a maple tree, in a cafe sipping a glass of wine or relaxing in a hot bath - which I'll probably be doing more of lately since the arthritis is effecting me so badly over the last couple of days I'm having difficulty walking.

This means also, it is too painful to sit and write and post on the blog until I'm able bear it - and for now, I'm not even though there is so much political news to comment on or interesting stories to write about.

I just finished the Tennessee Williams play 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. The most enjoyable part of Tennessee Williams is reading Tennessee Williams writing about Tennessee Williams, which is what I did before commencing this little Signet book containing the script that also included an essay by T.W originally published in the New York Times drama section on November 30, 1947.

I picked the script up because of my fascination with Marlon Brando. After seeing the movie version directed by Elia Kazan an number of times I didn't quite get why Blanche was picked up by a psychiatric nurse and doctor at the end of the movie. I knew there was a rape involved but I didn't quite get where it occurred because in the movie version of the play it was removed.

It turns out that Stanley Kowalski raped his wife's sister but the wife didn't believe Blanche when she told her so she had the state institution come and pick her up because her sister thought she was delusional. Everyone played along with the game wanting to believe that Blanche was crazy enough to be institutionalized because of her alleged immorality but Stanley gets away with his abuse as it is used against her. There are also issues of inter-cultural marriages and friendships in New Orleans, which at that time in the United States was pretty well still taboo.

I could continue here but I won't for various reasons and one of them is that this short story has inspired me to write my own essay or script based on the fact I think Blanche and Stanley are missing some nuances of psychology and the familial relationship between the two sisters is interesting to explore.

Another book I'm on the verge of finishing is 'What looks like Crazy on an ordinary day' by Pearl Cleage - an Oprah's Book Club find in a second hand clothing/furniture shoppe.

I'm back home in Windsor and Detroit in my imagination with this book since the characters tell their story in a rural setting in Michigan. The main character Ava, who has sold her hair salon in Atlanta, Georgia due to complications from her recent HIV positive diagnosis, returns there to stay with her sister - what is supposed to be temporarily. It's the language that reminds me of home, even Windsor is written about in the book as is the inevitabilities of Detroit.

So, with more good books in mind I'm off from posting for awhile. I wish everyone to thoroughly enjoy the beginnings of summer festivals, picnics, swims and of course and the rest of vacations. Until, I remain, your


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Consequences of Rae

Breath a sigh of relief. The Supreme Court of Canada has given its decision on the consequences of misconduct of a spouse in divorce proceedings. If they didn't rule on the consequences of actions or bad behaviour in a divorce case then it would obliterate the psychological effects of emotional abuse in domestic relationships.

To prove the wife ended up with the symptoms of a mental illness due to her trauma was the defense's arguement why she shouldn't get alimony in the first place. That she ended up bitter and obsessive sounds like the symptoms of trauma from lack of a sense of justice. If there were no closure she would have ended up - God forbid - in the Canadian mental health system - where she surely would end up with a serious mental illness if she didn't have a bona fide one in the first place trying to deal with the luck of the draw.

I know the S.C.C has made a decision to open up a divorce decision - when an individual was taken advantage of, but specifically I'm waiting for the S.C.C to decide on misconduct by the State in divorce proceedings.

Yes, removal or denial of the access to proper legal services can and has caused trauma for individuals causing the symptoms of mental illness mostly due to the sense of a lack of justice - such as denial of legal aid certificates by mismanagement of legal aid funds by the Law Society, corruption of opposing lawyers, corruption of advocating lawyer, corruption of Legal Aid Ontario, having no lawyer present a client when attending court - all against the person's will, undermining Charter rights, and in general being taken advantage of by a 'questionable legal system'.

I'm waiting to exhale on that one - but not until the government comes up with some statistics on how many people in Ontario were adversely affected - with emotional trauma - by the legal aid cuts in 1997 that were precipitated by the mismanagement of legal aid funds by the Ontario Legal Aid Plan (OLAP) while it was under the umbrella of of the Law Society who "lost" $100 million dollars in 1994, which is still "not accounted for " today.

Back in 1994 when Bob Rae was Ontario's Premiere, he didn't have the mind to order a forensic audit to find out where the money went to back then while Allan Rock was the treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario. It took another four years to remove legal aid from the jaws of the Law Society - but not before the provincial Conservative government n Ontario commissioned a report to do so, which was enough evidence to support that mismanagement was the rationale to pull it from the LSUC.

But Rae, not inquiring why so much money was lost was just a foreshadowing of the Liberal mismanagement to come. This is why it makes complete sense to me that Rae is now vying to be leader of the federal Liberal Party. He's with the old dogs with their old ways of leadership that continue to lift their legs and piss over the people of Canada - like he did to Ontarians - for many, the reasons mentioned above.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hey Zeus!

Ever want to capture a lightining bolt?
I managed to get this one by waiting for a lightning strike by video-taping the storm.

Afterwards, I broke up the video with sequential stills broken into 30 frames/second and looked for the ones that caught the bolt.

What was interesting about this frame is that the camera captured spots of fuschia at various intervals up the bolt. I'm not sure if you can see them in this pic or not, particularly near the top, middle and bottom of the bolt, but compared to the other frames these fuschia spots on this one showed up more obviously.

Those into spectrum analysis may find it of some interest. Perhaps the heat is reacting with the surrounding atmosphere to cause a chemical reaction thus creating a particular gas at these places which can be determined by the colour (not my forte) or maybe my camera is just reacting to the intensity of the heat.

It took about 8 frames to capture the bolt altogether. This is the last frame where you can see just a hint of where the bolt was.

Now, on a lighter side - with pun intended - how 'bout this bongonews article on God sending a lightning bolt to zap Ted Kennedy...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have cheek, insert tongue

HR's quote of the month club:

"The complete lack of evidence is the surest sign that the conspiracy is working" - Shanti Goldstein

Bill C-2

Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Simcoe North, was singled out in the House of Commons for voting for a tourism Bill instead of excusing himself from the vote that would directly benefit himself and his business financially (see bio).

He was accused by a Bloc Quebecois MP of an apparent conflict of interest as Bill C-2 - the Federal Accountability Act - was being debated in the House of Commons regarding motions 6 and 7 that were re-introduced to the Bill after they amended in Committee, in particular the clause that would re-add a conflict of interest clause to prohibit MP's from voting in matters that would benefit themselves financially, in which that the member of Simcoe North voted against.

Pat Martin had at 'em though - blasting the other opposition parties for sabotaging the Accountability Act in Committee, in particular the Liberals. He gave a stern warning to the Liberals that if they continued to get in the way of passing the Accountability Act that they would be exposed in Parliament and publicly. I'd love to know what in particular Mr. Martin was speaking about but way to go Pat!

James Moore, Parliamentary Secretary gave an excellent submission to Parliament today on the legal and criminal aspects of the new Act. There was particular concern about a clause in the Bill that may infringe on a criminal proceeding and independence of the Canadian judiciary so it was taken out - to which the Liberals wanted it kept in (perhaps to create a wrench in possible future proceedings?)

The Liberals are pushing for more time to go through the clauses as they saw they are trying to make "good laws". The Liberals voiced concerns that Bill C-2 shouldn't be ammended to Bill C-11 because it was never officially recognized by giving it Royal Ascent - but if they checked the information noted on the link - they would see that it had Royal Assent on the 25th of November 2005.

This is one problem I see with Bill C-11

Another major amendment is the inclusion of segments of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) within the scope of the bill. In the original bill, the RCMP, along with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Communications Security Establishment, was excluded from the definition of “public sector.”

In the current bill members of the RCMP, including special constables and those employed in a capacity similar to that of a member, are considered public servants.


So who is monitoring the RCMP - the Department of Justice?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Wind Power

Here's an article from the Seattle Times on the benefits of wind power - one couple - whose farm land was compromised by strong winds blowing away rain clouds - will receive more than $160,000 in annual royalties for having 45 wind turbines on their land put up by the Big Horn project.

Not bad money for having someone else do the work for you.

I've often wondered why native reserves didn't get into wind power energy production.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Massacre suspects arrested in Winnipeg

The National Post reports there will be a news conference announced in Winnipeg this morning for a number of arrests in the murders of 8 bikers on a rural farm near London Ontario a number of months ago. One of those arrests includes a former Winnipeg police officer turned Bandito biker.

Of course I posted this because one was a former police officer...

I guess you'd have to read my original post on this subject to understand why this may be interesting to some.

Royal Crest Lifecare

And here is another topsy turvy turn in the life of Hamilton's old age home sagas - John Martino of Royal Crest Lifecare died in a car accident Thursday morning - The Hamilton Spectator reports.

An excerpt:

"The bankruptcy cases drew attention in March 2004 when a judge admonished the brothers for not giving plausible explanations for what had happened to a combined $4 million of income earned in the few years leading up to bankruptcy.


Last October, the RCMP launched an investigation of the Martinos' bankruptcies to determine if there was any intent to defraud creditors or conceal funds. A spokesperson said yesterday the investigation will continue. "

Stay tuned to this saga - apparently a few well known Canadian bloggers are onto this one.

Another must read

Holy Quran Batman! - besides the excellent broadcast from Thursday's The National on the CBC on the explanation of how Quranic verses can be interpreted to support violent Islam - read this one on how a Canadian convert went for Islam version Extreme! back to his Canadian sensibilities and started taking on the extremists.

And I thought I was the only person who thought the same way this guy does. I am no longer alone hiding behind my fan in an HR blog.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Port Security?

In the previous post there is a pic where a gate is shown closed because a ship is moored at Pier 8 which is just adjacent to the Canada Marine Discovery Centre. That gate opens to allow public access past a large warehouse for Dofasco and Stelco overflow.

If you continue down this trail you'll end up at a street intersection which will take you into this area as shown in the pic to the right. The sign to the left in the pic is another "No Entry" sign but I was able to get past the gate in the background which was wide open and make my way right next to the ship pictured below.

I took this pic outside the gates after I left the restricted area because I didn't think to take pics at the time as I was actually looking for an exit to the road that led me right to this mooring - in which I was able to get right up next to the ship on the other side of that fence.

I had to turn around and go back the way I got in, which included riding past the Hamilton Port Authority building. There were a few people but no one stopped me from accessing the area or asked to see an authorized card permitting access.

A couple of weeks ago the Burlington Lift Bridge had to be closed for 9 hours because some guy had gotten in the area and stole a vehicle from one business and left on the bridge. There were witnesses who watched the guy saying he was "erratic" but they did nothing to question why he was there.

I guess making ports secure like airports with restricted areas and back ground checks on workers as measures to be taken and reported by the previous Liberal government to the CBC hasn't made it's way into Hamilton yet.

Money for nothin'

Am I missing something here? Did I read in this article that a medical office manager named - of all things - Rocky DiBenedetto (Rocky?) – committed forgery and fraud against a Hamilton doctor and isn’t being charged with a criminal offense by the Hamilton Police Services?

Is that like two other victims who were raped in Hamilton, one by a police officer no less and whose perpetrators were never charged with sexual assault?

Or is that like the bogus investigation launched by Hamilton Police Services Professional Standards Branch that was supposed to investigate their officers at their Marine Unit? Officers at the marine unit were busted by Hamiltonians enjoying its bayfront as they watched the officers give joy rides on their boats to family members and some very attractive women. The "investigator" didn’t even speak to witnesses who watched as they floated by – even after pretending she was actually going to investigate by taking down the exact locations where they were “spotted”. I guess that's what happens when the acting staff sergeant is allowed to lie to the "investigators".

Yep, all this bogus prevention of crime while the Port continues to be have problems with its security and all that money given to the city of Hamilton to put up a couple of signs.

By the way, that gate extenstion over the edge of the pier and the sign is new since the Ministry of Transportation investigated the Port for not complying with the International Shipping and Ports Security Code. All that money for Hamilton's Port security and all we get is a sign.

That gate opens when there is no longer a ship moored at this spot to allow pedestrians and bike traffic through - past the open warehouses with the steel coil that this ship just dropped off.

Once this gate is open it leads to a road that has more open gates and signs just like that one.

Anyone is able to get right up to a ship like the one pictured here but moored near Stelco - without anyone stopping them.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A must read

This has to be one of the best written articles from the Toronto Star I have read in the mainstream media on Islamic indoctrination.

It goes to show how irresponsible Ontario governments have been in not regulating Islamic Imams, schools, mosques or anything else to prevent Islamic radicalism. Ontario governments have bent to the will of their Islamist constituents to allow any form of Islamic belief at the cost of a negligent policy that does not protect the Ontario public - all because of their gullability and their ignorance of the community.

It shows how the Islamic community is negligent and irresponsible in allowing any type of Islam to be practiced in Canada without having a nation-wide conference to decide how Islam should be interpreted under the umbrella of Canadian law - not the other way around.

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup & Art

This is an exciting time for Jamesville in Hamilton. World Cup Soccer begins today as well as Jamesville's unique ArtCrawl with gallery openings starting at 7 pm. The place will be abuzz and I'm going to take some time to enjoy Hamilton's cultural events. I hope Lakeport breweries taps (pun intended) into this marketing gold mine.

I'm in the process of working on another 'investigative' post. Since blogger is finicky with posting pictures lately that post is going to have to wait and I'm going to relax over the next few days watch some world cup to see how C'ote d'Ivoire, Togo and Tunisia do while I wear my Switzerland flag then I'll take in a little art crawling.

In the mean time check out this Ham Spec article or this one. Why not even check out Google?

Post with you later!


Tony Blair

Now I think I’ve really lost it.

For years I’ve been hiding the fact that I find Tony Blair, Britain’s Prime Minister incredibly attractive, actually…sexy…

The way his ears stick out are kinda cute but I’m a girl that goes for what comes from the mouth.

NO not bad breath!

What a guy says can have an aphrodiastical effect. If the movie The 6th Day were real I’d love to clone Mr. Blair’s speaking ability and implant it in my brain – somewhere.

I wish Canada and the U.S. had leaders that speak one quarter as well as Tony Blair. That's why I’d like him to come and visit us in Canada thank you very much.

From the Toronto Star:

What will be interesting to see is whether Harper adopts one of the distinctive aspects of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's approach to the issue, which includes talking very bluntly about Islamic extremism in the broadest terms. In a speech in March, he observed that ministers have been advised never to use the term "Islamist extremist" because it will offend people.

"It is true. It will," Blair said, adding the bombers were no more proper Muslims than a Protestant who murders Catholics in Northern Ireland is a proper Christian.

"But unfortunately, he is still a `Protestant' bigot," he said. "To say his religion is irrelevant is both completely to misunderstand his motive and to refuse to face up to the strain of extremism that has given rise to it."

Blair added it is essential to see the phenomenon as a global ideology, and argued it would not be defeated until it was tackled head on.

"I mean telling them their attitude to America is absurd; their concept of governance pre-feudal; their oppositions on women and other faiths reactionary and regressive," he said. "And since only by Muslims can this be done, standing up for and supporting those within Islam who will tell them all of this but more, namely that the extremist view of Islam is not just theologically backward but completely contrary to the spirit and teaching of the Qur'an."

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Price of Democracy

I've been getting a lot of traffic obviously because of the subject matter over the last couple of days.

While I know that I've had some police officers, including the Chiefs of Police of Ontario, the Law Society even the House of Representatives in the United States peruse this blog from time to time, this message is for those who are not familiar with freedom of speech laws in Canada nor our human rights laws nor the Charter protections.

The clause above on Habamus Rodentum is taken from the Constitution Act, 1982 (see link to left) which happens to be Canada's supreme law (s. 51) yet I am surprised at how many politicians who don't know it's significance - or that it exists.

There are limits to Charter guarantees. I can't imagine a limitless guarantee of freedom of religion where religion doesn't take responsibility for itself for promoting hate against co-religionists or co-citizens who don't believe the same dogma. The same goes for freedom of expression.

But the chance to prove the right to criticize a government agency, police force or religious group without fear of reprisal (death threats, murder) to save freedom of expression is worth every written word.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission does not consider exercising freedom of speech a violation against the Human Rights Code. If there are qualified safety concerns then a human rights violation may not be present against enumerated grounds.

For example: if a group of people preach or propagate to do something against a another group of people then that first group of people could be in violation of human rights law. I consider the Islamic hadith on killing Jews such a violation. Some apologize for this hadith and translate it to be 'enemies'. This is explained and taught in Islamic circles (halaqas) as a Sahih Bukhari - a sound hadith. If it's sound, then it is believed.

And it is believed.

Because of this hadith and subsequently hearing a complaint from a small child that an Islamic school teacher told her kindergarten class it was ok to kill your enemies - that was the red flag for me to reconsider why it was that I converted to the religion.

Because of the volatile situation in Ontario there are numerous press reports about a backlash against the Muslim community but exercising freedom of speech isn't one of them. Vandalizing or taking someone's property i.e.: smashing a window at a mosque or harming Muslims or anyone else by death threats or actual violence because they are a specific religion, race or because of disability, is.

Even if your attitude against particular individuals is such that it influences yourself or it influences other's decisions to do or not do something and that decision harms another person because of it - your guaranteed right to security of the person in the Charter should be fought for.

A human rights claim can be filed by anyone who has been denied services or employment because of an enumerated ground under the Code. Police services are one such service under Section 1 of the Code.

Section 15 of the Charter also gives guaranteed protection and benefit of the law - that applies to all Canadian police services.

That means those who have not received equal benefit and protection under the law, in particular the Criminal Code or other legislation due to discrimination that violates an enumerated ground under the Charter for example religion, race or disability (any disability) it means they could file a Charter Challenge.

If a person has their property taken against their will and a police officer helps the offender do it and it's done because of a perceived notion about a person because of their differences under enumerated grounds under either the Code or the Charter - that's a serious offense.

Not only is a peace officer helping someone else steal another persons property because they are of a certain religion, race or disability, and contributing to undermine their security of the person, they are also violating the basic tenets of our democracy.

But since our Charter protection laws and access to provincial court challenges are non-existent in Ontario it is very difficult for individuals to launch such a challenge, obtain legal help for civil matters or even have equal benefit and protection under the law by some of the provincial institutions that are legislated to enforce the laws to protect the public.

That public also includes persons under enumerated grounds under the Charter for example those of a certain religion, race or disability.

In some cases, measures to get into a court of law are difficult if not existent. Since these are denied for many people in the province of Ontario - mostly those who are impoverished due to constant discrimination under enumerated grounds.

To provide evidence to a court of competent jurisdiction and to file a Charter challenge in Ontario it may be to the point of necessity that includes posting names on a blog in order to stimulate a court action. Much evidence is posted or link on HR but much isn't due to the nature of the evidence.

Is it worth the price of democracy?

I guess we will see.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hyperbolic hyperbole

From the Seattle Times:

Batasar portrayed the sensational allegations as an attempt by the government to frighten the public.

"It appears to me that whether you are in Toronto or Ottawa or Crawford, Texas, or Washington, D.C., what is wanting to be instilled in the public is fear," he said.

Yes of course there is a certain amount of hyperbole on both sides. The police with their overstated militia type security measures and beheading the Prime Minister as a desire from one of the suspects - is most likely wishful thinking if he were able to get close. And it wasn't the Crown that read out the charges - it was the guys lawyer. By doing so he drew attention to it.

Let's put hyperbole in perspective.

In 1996 I was told by two Windsor RCMP officers that "I would be killed" if I told my boyfriend I was speaking to them because, unbeknownst to me, he was being investigated for accident fraud. I didn't exactly believe them - but I was more nervous when I left the detachment than when I went in because a cab was waiting in front. I was instantly overcome with anxiety because over the last number of months I had been followed by cabs and was recieving numerous hang up phone calls.

When I relayed this to my acquaintance at CSIS, after he finished explaining that many Arabs and Muslims speak in hyperbolic language ie: they say they will kill you when they don't actually mean it. But he wasn't happy two RCMP officers would try to frighten me by telling me I would be killed especially when you had call the police earlier in the year to tell them what would happen to you and who might do something to you if something were to happen to you.

He tried to reassure me that they were using hyperbolic language because their training back then wasn't very good. My response was that I didn't believe that RCMP were susceptible to hyperbole. As I knew Arabic and Islamic culture much better - I know that most are very gentle people and if they speak with what appears as rough language it usually is hyperbole. It's just when their actions don't correspond with the words that becomes a problem.

Canadians, in particular, Torontonians may be scared but I'm not. I'm more scared of Hamilton's doctors than I am of terrorists lurking about. As I understand the community they don't lurk - they keep themselves contained - away from Canadian culture - until obviously have had enough meetings to make their plans and act on them.

What does happen is the lying.

And it could be from not saying anything to loved ones and keeping the ideas to one's self or outright denying accusations on suspicion. They will also use the race card or religious intolerance card because they know it works so well here in Ontario. It's actually being so over-used that it is becoming the cry wolf game. When abuses do then occur - most of us will ignore them. (And yes, the accused have Charter rights. If they don't get them - then their case will be thrown out and Canada's justice system will become a laughing stock again)

Think about it. Realistically, if 17 guys tried to storm the CBC do you think Ontarians would let them? No way in hell - I sure as hell wouldn't. As much as I don't like CBC's programming, I'd get on the Go and with thousands of other Ontarians, I'd storm it back.

Now, getting past the Islamic community's expected propaganda - Ontario has to start paying attention to what it's been neglecting to a point of liability - that Islamic 'Imams' are not regulated. There is no accountability within Ontario legislation or regulations that makes it mandatory that in order to preach Islam, that Islamic training must be undertaken by future Imams in an accredited Islamic institution taught by accredited, respected and peace loving theologians that will be under scrutiny by the Ontario Human Rights Commission - not a body of self-policing theocrats. It doesn't work in Ontario as those self-policing institutions are corrupt.

Many Universities in Ontario started off as seminary schools - like the University of Windsor for example. But new Islamic theological schools can and should be regulated to avoid the likes of Mr. Jamal and to practice willy nilly.

Mosque's of any sort should also be regulated and shut down if they violate legislation like performing multiple marriages or allowing extremist preachers to give sermons in any language. Complaints should be made to the OHRC , for example when extremism is preached in another language. That may cut down on mainstream mosques being used to rally support for extremism. Of course - all the extreme stuff will go underground if this is done and will be harder for Muslims to self police themselves. But the community needs to be responsible - and start self-policing - and accepting it.

This may be a conundrum because one of the teaching by fellow Muslims is that being a good Muslim is "not tattling on" fellow Muslims ( I think this is more of a criminal code of ethics judging from the number of "pious" Muslims that were into criminal activity before they 'reverted').

It is also difficult to express an alternate opinion otherwise you risk being accused of adhab - having no manners - and therefore, not a pious and good Muslim. This, I believe, is not any where to be found in the Quran but is something that is amplified by some hadith somewhere by a community that doesn't like freedom of expression.

Isolation and refusal to integrate into the Canadian/Western culture is also at play and something I have posted on this blog and commented on in others as well as what is taught to Muslim children by their mothers from home schooling or by others in Islamic schools.

The Ontario government - thinking they are progressive by allowing free Islamic thought - are just as irresponsible for ignoring the security threats to Ontarians and other Canadians by those within the Muslim community who do use the Islamic religion to interpret a violent Islam.

And to paraphrase on National Post commentor: I'm gobsmacked to hear that the RCMP doesn't attribute one common denominator to the cell - the fact they are ALL MUSLIM - should be a clear enough indicator .

And if the Islamic community can't get over this common demoninator - then perhaps it will take a class action lawsuit by the people of Ontario and Canada to get it through their denying craniums.

We can start with the Al Rahman Islamic Centre - and continue from there.

Psychiatric Researcher I Have Tenure So I Need Big Pharma Money Disorder

The Psychiatric Researcher I Have Tenure So I Need Big Pharma Money Disorder, otherwise known as PRiHTSiNBPMD - without the hyperactivity - is a relatively new disorder discovered by the less educated and scientifically based on the mysteries of the Universe. It used to be known as Psychiatric Researcher I Have an Empty Wallet So I Need Big Pharma Money Disorder - PRiHaEWSiNBPMD - but psychiatric researchers have become well fed in the last few years so the clinical reporting definition has changed.

Ok, ok, so I want to start making up names to new 'disorders' send a 'press release' out to various media outlets and see if they'll report on it. The following alert you'll read below is from the Alliance for Human Research Protection in the United States but not before I make a comment from an editorial piece in the National Post about Quebecers having a preponderance of personality disorders because they have the highest rate of suicide in Canada.

Huh? That was almost as funny as when I heard on CTV about yet a new disorder called 'Intermittent Explosive Disorder'. I laugh to myself when I read it and wonder how people who call themselves journalists can report this stuff. Now psychiatry is starting to make a laughing stock of themselves.

Quebecers now have a cultural prepoderance to personality disorder? Even if they don't live in Quebec? That means they must have a French gene that predispositions them to personality disorders - the most preposterous and culturally discriminatory language I've ever heard. But psychiatry couldn't exist if it didn't use as it's initial premise of bigoted perceptions and discrimintory rationale to start off with.

Of course we are to believe that the demise of so many Quebecers has nothing to do with bad medicine or the pharamceuticals they are being put on that could cause so many suicide? Remember Dr. Ali Hersi of Hamilton General Hospital fame from my posts? Well the guy was trained at McGill. I can now start to understand how so many Quebecors can commit suicide if they have physicians like this refusing to treat them and then fudging their clinical records in case they die.

When the following was announced on CTV's Canada AM yesterday, I was waiting for them to say it was a London Ontario researcher who was going to blame road rage on ADHD - not because of idiot drivers, traffic congestion and bad time management.

Laugh if you wish because it's actually true - and ADHD is mentioned by the 'good' doctor below. The sad part is, whether the good doctor from London knows it or not, he he part of an ADHD scam- also known as diagnosis fraud- in London Ontario just to make money from the federal government - Human Resources Development Canada to be exact. (more on this a little later but it was documented in the public docket at the FDA in a submission I sent to them)

I guess everyone knows the cause of heart disease as being one thing - cholesterol - but because psychiatry is not a science these guys can get away with just about anything as long as there is big money behind it.


From Vera Hassner Sharav of the Human Alliance for Research Protection
Contact Vera at 212-595-8974 or email


It is difficult to believe this latest announcement laying claim to a new "under treated" psychiatric disorder--Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) is not a parody !!

"The outbursts are sudden and can include damage to property or physical harm. The disorder could affect as many as 7.3 percent of adults. That works out to 16 million Americans. Harvard professor of health care, Ronald Kessler, PhD says that each year IED affects nearly 4 percent of Americans, or 8.6 million adults."

Academic researchers grab at every unproven--even discredited theoretical hypothesis--chemical, neurological, psychological, genetic--to launch yet another drug marketing campaign in their effort to pathologize assaultive behavior.

The one pesky detail not mentioned is that such violent assaultive outbursts may be precipitated by use of psychotropic drugs whose labels acknowledge, they can induce aggression, agitation, manic, violent and suicidal behavior--whether the drugs are prescribed by a psychiatrist or illicitly obtained.

''There's a biology and a psychology and a genetics and a neuroscience behind this, and you can come up with strategies for intervention just like for anything else, like diabetes or hypertension or depression." said Emil Coccaro of the University of Chicago, a leading anger researcher.

"The numbers translate into many millions of circles of trembling misery and anxiety. Wives live in fear of their otherwise sweet husbands' next tirade,and wonder if they dare bring children into such a violent world of wrath."

Dr. Coccaro reports that he receives research grants and serves on the speaker's bureau or as a consultant to Eli Lilly and Co., Abbott Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, and Forrest Laboratories.

Co-author, Dr. Ronlad Kessler, a professor of health-care policy at Harvard Medical School, has received grants from Eli Lilly, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Pfizer Foundation.

The Boston Globe reports, "they readily acknowledge that biologically, impulsive anger -- like so much in the brain -- remains largely a mystery."

But then the absence of scienctific justifican has never restrained psychiatrists from prescribing a "wide array of drugs" with (admittedly) no more than "educated guesses" to support them.

Their institutional affiliations give them the seal of authority--Harvard and U of Chicago--and pharmaceutical companies provide the financial incentives.

That means we can expect IED to be widely promoted--much like ADHD in adults--it won't die a quick death.

The Boston Globe
Out of control anger
As many as 5 percent of people suffer from a disorder that can ruin their lives
By Carey Goldberg, Globe Staff August 8, 2005

They used to just call it a bad temper and tell you to count to 10. Then came bunches of guys sitting around in circles and learning ''anger management."

Now, increasingly, the catchphrase is ''Intermittent Explosive Disorder." Researchers delving into pathological anger report that it is more widespread than anyone had suspected. And that their understanding of its biological roots is deepening, raising prospects of better treatment.

''It's not simply bad behavior," said Emil Coccaro of the University of Chicago, a leading anger researcher. ''There's a biology and a psychology and a genetics and a neuroscience behind this, and you can come up with strategies for intervention just like for anything else, like diabetes or
hypertension or depression."

For all the buzz about phenomena like hockey dads and the recent road rage incidents, it was only this summer that researchers got definitive data on how common such volatility is.

A national study found that at some point in their lives, about 5 percent of people have such frequent, serious blow-ups that they qualify as suffering from Intermittent Explosive Disorder, a full-fledged psychiatric diagnosis.

It is twice as common in men as in women and tends to begin before age 20.

The numbers translate into many millions of circles of trembling misery and anxiety. Wives live in fear of their otherwise sweet husbands' next tirade, and wonder if they dare bring children into such a violent world of wrath.

Husbands find that sometimes, the smallest provocation of their wives brings on a firestorm. Parents struggle to understand why a son puts his fist through things, kicks pets, or screams at siblings. Is this a character issue? Or a medical problem?

Specialists say that their growing knowledge does not excuse such explosions, but it can help explain them. A picture has begun to emerge of what happens in the rage-prone brain, and a central culprit appears to be the chemical messenger that newer anti-depressants have made a household word: serotonin.

In broad terms, serotonin -- active in the frontal, ''thinking" part of the brain -- is needed when a person stops a bad impulse. When someone is low on serotonin, that brake can get weak.

Brain structure may also play a role. ''In people with impulsive aggression, there's more chaos in the front part of the brain," said Dr. Jon Grant, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

So some of the problem may lie in the very formations of the nerves, suggesting that genes or development may be at fault. Childhood abuse is also common in people with the disorder, suggesting that environment, too, plays an important role.

It gets even more complicated. Other brain chemicals are involved -- perhaps some that influence the ''gas" rather than the ''brake." And studies have found psychological differences in the anger-prone, compared with others. Tests show that they are likelier to believe other people have hostile intentions, for example.

Despite such insights, specialists readily acknowledge that biologically, impulsive anger -- like so much in the brain -- remains largely a mystery. But in recent years they have begun to use educated guesses to try a wide array of drugs to fight it.

None of the drugs has federal approval specifically for Intermittent Explosive Disorder, but doctors and researchers have been prescribing them ''off-label," and report that they can often help, though not always and not everyone.

Anti-depressants of the Prozac generation sometimes bring results, they say; so do mood stabilizers, and drugs that were used initially to stop seizures.

A major, federally funded study published last month in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that among autistic children, risperidone, a newer anti-psychotic drug, could reduce violent outbursts for up to six months with few side effects. Risperidone has prominent effects on serotonin, so the study's positive results underscore the importance of serotonin in
impulsive aggression, said its lead author, Dr. James McCracken.

Therapy helps as well, specialists say. When well-run, anger management groups can prove effective, they say, and so does individual therapy that helps patients recognize their problematic reactions and find ways to defuse themselves.Treatment can involve training in relaxation, habits of thought (like thinking, ''Maybe he wasn't trying to make you mad"), and coping skills like walking away when things start to get hot.

''Between both medication and therapy, I'd say probably the majority of people can find some relief," Grant said. Once, anger problems tended to lead many straight to jail; now, ''We can offer people some real hope about what might allow them to get better control over this."

No miracle drug appears to be on its way, though. For now, researchers predict that they will be largely limited to clinical trials using existing drugs, because drug companies are unlikely to push hard for specific anti-rage agents.

For one thing, Coccaro pointed out, company lawyers are scared that if violent patients go onto a drug and then commit violence again, the company could be held liable.

There is a broader problem, too, he wrote in a recent journal editorial: People who explode are not very lovable. No celebrity is likely to volunteer to be a poster child for Intermittent Explosive Disorder. And philanthropists are less likely to contribute to research aimed at helping people viewed as perpetrators rather than patients or victims.

The patients themselves can be problematic as well, resisting treatment even when surrounded by wrecked lives.

''People say, 'I don't have an illness, I have an anger -- It's not I who have a problem, it's you," said Ronald Kessler of Harvard University, who led the national study on how common mental illnesses are. Often, he said, patients have already lost jobs and spouses before they seek help.

Some specialists say they also hope that now that it is clear how common impulse disorders are, they will get more attention, despite the obstacles, from researchers and grantmakers. Kessler's study found that when all the impulse disorders are lumped together, from compulsive gambling to Attention Deficit Disorder, they are even more common than mood problems like depression.

''The social implications are huge," said McCracken, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angeles. Think, he said, of the impact of violence and compulsions like gambling, both on the perpetrators and people around them.

''I think a deeper understanding of these impulse disorders and better-identified treatment choices could have profound benefits for society," he said.

Carey Goldberg can be reached at

Frequency of anger disorder

A June study estimated that roughly 1 in 20 people has had ''intermittent explosive disorder" -- a form of destructive, uncontrolled anger -- during their lifetime. The disorder, considered an impulse-control problem, is most common among 18-29 year-olds and its prevalence declines with age.

Lifetime frequency of:

Any mental disorder 46.4 percent
Any impulse-control disorder 24.8 percent
Conduct disorder 9.5 percent
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 8.1 percent
Intermittent explosive disorder 5.2 percent

SOURCE: Archives of General Psychiatry, June, 2005

C Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company

FAIR USE NOTICE: This may contain copyrighted (C ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is distributed without profit.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Let the games begin!

Check out this article in the New York Times on the terrorist plot coverage - it berates the Globe & Mail for not writing anything on Saturday about the arrests.


That's Canadian media for you.

Sometimes you gotta wonder if Canadian editors in their Toronto condos are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror and preening their feathers to report the news.

But, at least the Globe did better than the Hamilton Spectator whose University has spawned a suspect. They didn't even update their website let alone print anything until today which turned out to be a feel sorry for the criminals cover-up piece - consistent with their usual fair on reporting bad news.

Here a some articles from American media that covered the story, including one from the L.A. Times that did write about the med student from Hamilton's McMaster University.

From The Los Angeles Times :

"Both Mississauga, with a population of nearly 611,000, and Scarborough have several mosques and hundreds of businesses that cater to Muslims. The 2001 census counted 41,840 Muslims living in Mississauga and 165,130 in Toronto, or about 7% of each city's population."

The Financial Times

"The Liberal party, which formed the government from 1993 until earlier this year, has built a strong constituency in these communities. "

The New York Times: On one of the arrested

"Anser Farooq, the lawyer representing Mr. Jamal and three other people from the Islamic center, said Mr. Jamal was not a leader of that mosque. "He's one of about a half-dozen people who lead prayers at the mosque," he said. Mr. Jamal was not part of any conspiracy, Mr. Farooq said. "

The Seattle Times:

"The 17 suspects have a bail hearing scheduled for this week. Lawyers and family members have described them as innocents caught up in a politically motivated police dragnet aimed at proving that Canada is tough on terrorism."

Saturday, June 03, 2006

McMaster spawns med student in terror cell

Update: Holy shiites Batman! I didn't realize there were so many grammatical errors in this post. It's been rewritten to clarify some points and events. Some links were added. This is a tranistion post that asks readers to put theirselves in a particular situation while attempting to explain a logical rationale for a concept - of why a person may consider converting to Islam and how Islamic dogma may interfere with our every day lives and is based on true events.

Let the propaganda begin...Rocco Galati a lawyer from some of the alleged terrorists has gone on record with CTV stating that his clients are the sons of some up standing persons in the community - and a medical student no doubt! Wow! That certainly qualifies his clients as automatically exempt from Canadian law - as if this strata of society does nothing wrong.

I know this attitude within the Muslims community. They've used it quite often. "We are doctors and engineers etc., so there is nothing wrong with us, we're perfect". Get over it people - this is part of the propaganda that will be used to try to win over Liberals and the NDP supporters.

Well, well, well McMaster University here in Hamilton has spawned an alleged terrorist from its arrogant medical program. I wonder if he was studying psychiatry? Am I feeling contempt? You betcha - if you keep reading you find where my edge comes from.

If the terror suspect had the ability to influence his fellow med students by giving them mis-information - ie Islam is the religion of Peace like I've heard parroted so many times, it would explain the discriminatory behavior of at least one of Hamilton's physicians.

So here's the deal.

The example is from Dr. Christine Adam's, a St. Joseph Hospital resident of psychiatry and student from McMaster. Her discriminatory attitude towards individuals who have come out of the propaganda ridden Islamic community reared its nefarious head in the way she practices medicine.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what does this doctor have to do with terrorism?

I’m going to tell you. It's a different kind of terrorism as this physician was either influenced by her fellow classmates or simply did not pay attention to current events and how they may effect her patients. I'm trying to be brief as possible even though all of this would better be described better in a book with chapters and all that stuff.

There are readers that have been following my blog for some time and may have taken the time to attempt to read my story on my conversion to Islam – it started off called ‘My Journey into Conversion’ – in various parts and posted at HR.

If you read the link to the declassified documents from CSIS in the terror cell post earlier - you'll notice that Islamists like to attract converts (or reverts as some say). Some media reports highlight male converts but over-look the women converts. It’s the women that provide much of the Islamic 'schooling' or teaching to their children. (Ershad Manji - please pay attention).

Now imagine that you've been indoctrinated with Islamic dogma about everything you do - how you wash, eat, sleep, speak, have sex etc., etc. and after a number of years you will have found that you have been slowly accepting some pretty intense religious teaching - to the point that you are explaining away human rights abuses of Hamas and the Taliban for example.

Once you get over this, imagine now that you are slowly removing your Canadian Constitutional rights - little by little - by rejecting Canadian law and assuming Islamic law as well as the cultural prejudices that are brought from various countries concentrated into your small community.

The message is the same.

Islam is perfect as are praying Muslims (the more covered you are as a woman - the better it is for you and Allah) and some will say that Islamic law is supreme - not the Canadian Constitution. The only thing the Canadian Constitution is useful for is to use it to Islam’s advantage. (And if the Constitution were complied with in Ontario and you benefitted from equal protection of the law - you wouldn't have accepted the militancy of Islam).

Eventually your freedom of opinion and free speech is replaced with accusations of fitna (mischief) and lack of adhab (Islamic manners). If you do this, you’re not a 'good' Muslim and therefore, not pious. Therefore, you must be a hypocrite or a Jew or paid by Jews (as viewed by your new Islamic family).

Now, you have to ignore that your good friends are allowing their husbands to beat them or to ignore that some men in the community beat and rape their wives to the point it’s ignored and the mosque refuses to deal with it. And women are denied services that they would otherwise receive outside of the community. You fight with these men because of their blatant contempt and oppression of the women. The same scenario is repeated in your life as you fight the ghosts of familial abuse.

The women - those converts who've given up Canadian law for Islamic law - are now agreeing with them. Men who can’t even look women in the eye and don’t question the men who are belligerent and discriminate against their own women – are studying psychiatry at your local university. You become mistrustful of them as you are concerned that they will not accept the Canadian feminine point of view in their medicine practice.

Imagine that, within two years that you made your 'political decision' to convert that you realize the community was more Islamo-fascist, discriminatory and oppressive than the country you live in is - but it's getting worse week by week because the local University has just allowed another Islamic extremist to leave their country of origin and work for them in engineering or some other 'professional' field. You fight with these Islamic mysogynists and your told to 'watch what you say'. Within the time you converted you’ve met the wife of a known al Qaeda operative and other extreme wrong-headed individuals.

You decide that the religious indoctrination is going beyond the tolerant and plural society you once prided yourself in. As a result of the indoctrination of others, intolerant and unreasonable Islamic discourse ends up as a religious complaint against you in your place of work! The Ontario Human Rights Commission finds the company that allowed the co-worker to use Islam as an issue in the work environment liable of a human rights violation under the Ontario Code and updates their Human Rights at Work publication. (See link to the left - letter from OHRC to follow)

At down time you chat to a fellow Muslim over seas who knows of Osama bin Laden and has met his brothers. You ask him to explain a hadith you have just read on killing Jews you found on a website that was referred to you by a doctor at a talk at your local university. The guy from Saudia tells you that hadith is about a war that will involve many Muslims believing in a false prophet and that there will be a war much like WWII. You ask if that ‘false prophet’ is Osama bin Laden. He asks you if you believe in the hadith. When you say 'NO' your Islam is questioned and you’re told you 'should watch what you say'.

You try leaving the years of indoctrination and friendship and removed yourself from the community but not before your subjected to non-stop 9/11 conspiracy theories by a local pathologist at a well known hospital - an upstanding doctor - a professional - that's into spreading the conspiracy theory that Israelis orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. You find out later from a sleuth friend that the same conspiracy theories are found on white supremacist websites.
When you leave the community it's not easy - it's actually very difficult - but there are no supports in the community. It takes you months to slowly remove the hijab from your head, in various stages, because the psychology of having worn a veil for so long will not permit you to remove it quickly because it has become a part of your body.

Ok, by this time your a little screwed up and decide to move back to your hometown Windsor in 2003 to be around your dysfunctional family. You left there in 1996 because the boyfriend you had was involved in accident fraud and the RCMP tells you that if they find out you were talking to them they would kill you. Back then you were being followed and stalked on the phone with incessant phone calls and hang-ups.

After moving back you unwisely go back to the same doctor that sexually assaulted you in 1996 after taking advantage of your vulnerability due to the above circumstances. Attending an appointment with that doctor you see that old boyfriend the RCMP told you to be aware of is sitting in this doctor's office with his new wife and kids. He listens to you update your file with the nurse with your new address. He shows up in front of your new apartment or around the area three times. You vow if he shows up again you will call the Windsor Police services and let them know you are intimidated.

You later take a temporary job at the University of Windsor's Engineering department and meet up with another old beau - the one that got in an auto accident with six RCMP officers, whose license was suspended but ended up going to jail anyway for driving under suspension and then, got into another accident and caught. He tried to get you to lie for him to say he wasn't driving his car like his Iraqi friends did but you didn't "love" him that much. He forgot to consider that the woman whose car he hit - had watched him do it.

In 1997, he told you he was fund raising for an outlawed organization in the United States but was perfectly legal for him to do with his Iraqi friends in Canada - for years. He tells you that he attended a secret meeting in New York because his fundraising activities were illegal in the U.S. - and meeting clandestinely. The fundraising was for the 'orphans' of suicide bombers in Palestine and Lebanon. You remember that the pamphlets had gruesome pictures of dead bodies and that his friends would go door to door within the Iraqi Muslim community asking for donations. Many of them outright refused because they knew what they were up to.

In any case, in the summer of 2004, he shows up next to you while your putting cream into your coffee at the University's cafeteria. He walks you across campus but doesn't let you go past him unless you give him your phone number because, he says, he's not happy in his arranged marraige. You tell him if he doesn't let you pass by him because he is now blocking your passage, that you'll call campus police. He lets you go but calls your work and visiting the office.

Your supervisor tells you to call campus police but after you do so, removes you from the assignment the next day. Because of her decision you now have no job. You just lost another job because you stood up for your rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code against discrimination because of a disability, harassment and sexual harassment and it turns out, the principal of the office is also a professor at the University. The Ontario Human Rights Commission in 2006 after a complaint was launched sent you a letter to let you know that they will be investigating three Windsor companies - including the University of Windsor under section 11 of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

You’re told by security officials to call your local police if there are any problems with these guys. You call the local police and tell them the situation and the ignorant detective in their 'sex crimes' unit tells you that these guys "still have the hots for you" and he’s not going to take a report. You think to yourself what an ignorant sod.

After an event in the paper, you eventually end up speaking to a police officer that is one of three in the department handling local terrorist threats. You tell him you would testify in a particular case and he tells you he appreciates that. He wants you to speak to his partner but he is too busy to call you back. Years later you hear on the news that he was shot in the line of duty by two 18-year-old thugs selling crack.

To make a long story shorter, you decide to take a shelter worker's advice to put your stuff in storage, to "be homeless" and move to Hamilton into one of their woman's shelters – a move you’ll later recognize as the worst advice you’ve ever taken. The emergency room psychiatrist you’ve seen months before for post traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, gives you a script for Remeron - an anti-depressant - but doesn't listen to your concerns that it has caused adverse reactions with you the year before.

After a couple of days in Interval House in Hamilton, the staff has allowed the shelter to become out of control as parents and children were screetching in unison. Kids three years old are throwing glass cups at other residents hitting them in the face. The rooms were designed so shoddy you can her your neighbour constantly screaming at her kids, fart and talk on their cell phone - every day.

Some of the older kids are reacting to their confinement and lack of services provided by the shelter. Their mum is crying because they can't handle their kids and others are screaming at them - repeatedly. You call children’s aid because the shelter staff is not providing psychological and parenting supports for the kids or the mums.

One day, you have a reaction to the Remeron - intense sleep for prolonged hours and irritability but shelter staff - too incompetent to know what to do in these cases - ignore your concerns about an adverse drug reaction. When a young resident from Kitchener arrived days earlier other residents had their rooms broken into. You wonder if this young resident slipped you something during supper hour because she sat by you while you were passed out on the couch for five hours while the staff of the shelter did nothing.

You end up getting kicked out of the shelter without warning and could glean from the shelter staff it was because you called C.A.S on the shelter. The shelter kept your property - everything you owned - against your will and protests and with the complicity of an officer from the Hamilton Police services.

Months later after your own investigation you find that the local CAS was violating their own laws, regulations and mandate along with a court decision on violating the Charter as well as acting on an assumed idea from a non-qualified opinion of what post traumatic stress is - discrimination based on perception - that was passed to them from shelter staff. What other defense would a badly run woman's shelter need as long as they can blame their incompetencies and illegal acts but on someone they are slandering as mad?

Blah blah blah etc etc., etc., you end up in the St. Joseph's emergency psychiatry because you want to die and spew the last ten-year's history. You find out after the fact that Dr. Christine Adam of St. Joe’s EPT is so totally ignorant of current events and is in total disbelief that an ex-Islamic convert could meet the wife of an al Qaeda operative in such a small community and ignores a serious drug reaction.

She instead diagnoses a more serious illness that has no scientific or legal basis – all based on personal health information that was collected from another woman’s shelter in Hamilton called Mary’s Place – run by former prostitutes, wanna be non-qualified clinicians, staff identifying themselves illegally as social workers and wanna be corrections workers. This isn’t a health care facility but they are fraudulently acting as if they were and the City of Hamilton is sanctioning it.

Months later after your own extensive investigation, the manager tells you they are above the law and don’t have to follow any of Ontario’s laws. This is confirmed by the Christian Brother that runs the shelter for the Good Shepherd centers in the City who receives tons of money from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social and Community Services - all for their ‘illegal’ services.

From your own investigation that was plagued by interference and obstruction, you find out that these medical 'professionals' violated every legal rule they were supposed to comply with including consent and disclosure laws because they didn't believe a word you said. A nurse from St. Joe’s calls your brother asking if you actually went to the University Windsor and if you really have a son because, I guess this is how they are trained at McMaster – don’t believe a word their patient’s tell them.

Treatment for emotional trauma is certainly a big difference in Hamilton compared to other centres like Windsor or London if you went in with a physical medical condition. You read by evidence of clinical records that Dr. Adam's was so determined to make a diagnosis she ignored your complaint about the adverse drug reaction to Remeron because she didn’t document it on purpose in the clinical records but she did document that your story about your Islamic adventure as ‘bizarre’.

You also find out during your investigation that the hospital passed on inaccurate and fraudulent information to the woman's shelter your staying at and the shelter gives up your bed and leaves you homeless - again! Not only that, they steal your property – in particular your car and you’re forced to go to the police to get your car back!

The following year after more investigation and a foray into the police complaints process you have a withdrawal reaction to Celexa. Months later after being refused treatment by Dr. Ali Hersi of Hamilton General Hospital because you refused to go to St. Joseph's which is within your legal right to do so, you discover by clinical records the worst criminal act you have seen so far from Hamilton's doctors is that Dr. Ali Hersi crossed out the clinical information that documented you were having withdrawal reactions from the Celexa and wrote that you were NOT having suicidal ideation that were clearly documented by triage nurses and he was clearly told by you as well from your clinical records you found out he totally fabricated it with a diagnosis without you there because you left at his refusal to treat you. Dr. Hersi's refusal to simply prescribe you more Celexa because you had no family doctor as Dr. Namburi your family doctor cancelled your medical services without telling you.

In your panic that Dr. Hersi caused by his refusal to treat you, you took the remaining Clonazapam you had with you because your pharmacist told you to bring it so the hospital would believe that you had been prescribed the meds. As you swallowed the pills, Dr. Hersi watched and later laughed - telling you the pills wouldn't kill you. You had to call an ambulance yourself to take you to another hospital. You wonder how this could happen when hospitals in Windsor and London are run so well?

You try to get the Hamilton police service to take a report against Dr. Hersi for fraud and assault but they just laugh at you because they assume "your mentally ill" for taking all those pills and don't have protections under the Constitution nor the Ontario Human Rights Code. The police standards branch – in particular Staff Sergeant Jack Corruzzi - frustrates and interferes with a complaint and then writes letters containing pure BS – due to a lack of understanding this post.

After filing complaint with Dr. Krysmanytch the Hamilton General Emergency room director you find out that he doesn't understand his legal obligations and refuses to explain them to Dr. Hersi. This is before you got a copy of the clinical records to see that facts were crossed out and clinical documentation was fabricated.

On more investigation - remember the hospitals are not co-operating in giving you your clinical records. In one situation the records clerk tries to hide the evidence by putting the clinical records that document Dr. Adam asked Marcia Dinsmore an RN to get "collateral information" from your brother and Mary's Place staff. You trusted that she would give you all the records but after you asked to see the whole file you find that she did not photocopy them all.

You speak to your brother about what Ms. Dinsmore asked him and you find out she told your brother "they want to help you" but they didn’t as they ended up denying you medical services and put you in greater harm. At the time, you had to travel back to Windsor to get medical help – not one but three times. The last time was after you rationalized yourself out of taking the remainder of those morphine pills you had in the trunk of your car you were forced to sleep in.

The nurse and physicians at Hotel Dieu in Windsor were so professional and treated you with dignity, something that Hamilton's hospitals don't have (so stay away from them if you are a visitor and go to Burlington) - that you breathed a sigh of relief. You explained to the nurse what had happened in Hamilton and her comment to you was "what you went through would make anyone suicidal". The nurse is now a witness to psychiatric assault by Hamilton physicians - in particular those physicians who are they to help not destroy.

Before you went to Windsor you had to sleep in your car because of an appointment the next day. You wouldn’t have had to sleep in your car (after you had to go to police to get it back) if those women’s shelters weren't so appallingly disgusting in their actions all because of their discriminatory attitudes. They, along with Dr. Adams and medical staff at St. Joseph’s hospital made you homeless because of how they view individuals who are in distress.

And you wonder how many people have died because of the nefarious attitudes of the medical staff at St. Joe’s hospital towards individuals experiencing suicidal ideation from adverse drug reactions?

You’ve never seen medicine practiced anywhere like this in Ontario and you wonder what kind of City you moved to. Months later a woman who runs a support group for survivors of ritual abuse in Thunder Bay tells you to “get the hell out of Hamilton” because of her rationale. You think you really lost it if you attempt to even contemplate her theory because it had something to do with Masons...

By this time you're very aware of a developed paranoia that was created by Hamilton's support services. You decide that St. Joe’s outpatient isn't the best medicine and remove yourself after they passed your name on for research without your consent – they did so even after they knew you had serious concerns about their prior consent abuses. To show their ethics and professionalism, they chose to ignore them over and over and over again. The director of ethics research tells you that what they did was illegal and managed to get the doctor to apologize - in writing. He was retired shortly after their risk manager indignantly told you St. Joe's does "nothing illegal" or "anything wrong".

Recently, to prove the disrespect for the rule of law in Ontario, an ‘official’ with the Ontario Privacy Commission tells you that the Commission won’t investigate the shelters and the hospital because section 18 (7) of the Personal Health Information Protection Act doesn’t exist.


More abuse towards individuals with non-visible disabilities by agents of the Crown? She refuses to return your evidence and refuses to put her refusal in writing.

You write to the Commissioner and copy the Minister of the Attorney General hoping that perhaps he will replace the Commissioner and charge under the Criminal Code of Canada, the staff that you named, including the Registrar for not enforcing the Act and for blatantly refusing to follow Supreme Court decisions on medical records because of their total ignorance of the law. It would be wishful thinking if they were charged for obstructing justice and breach of trust under the Criminal Code of Canada - this is Ontario after all.

Sound like the movie Crash? You were asked to imagine a day, week, month or years being a person whose weaknesses were exploited to the point of actually causing if not permanently creating, serious mental illness because of bad medicine practiced in Hamilton. It's the way not to do it if you actually want to help someone and have no other agenda.

That was the reality of HR not too long ago.

Now, I am taking Hanna Gartner's advice and removing myself slowly from the anti-depressants so I can avoid a reaction like I had with the Celexa. And no Hanna, I haven't gotten that job at a law firm yet but I did stop smoking which I have found caused bad reactions with the meds. Once I left the care of those Hamilton doctor's and clinicians that were in part mentioned above and removed myself for their scripts I slowly started to rehabilitate and get back to normal.

Before started blogging I passed along my desire to tell my story online with a friend that helped me work out the Islamic indoctrination part and who also happens to work for CSIS. I got more support from him than I ever got from the idiots in Hamilton's health abuse system. I told him about my Hamilton adventure. He thinks I have the Chinese curse (you know – the one about being cursed with an interesting life?) and reiterated to me what they did was illegal.

It’s then you realize the lack of respect for the rule of law and lack of law's enforcement that enables individuals to enjoy equal protection under health laws, privacy laws, human rights laws etc., and is actually the political rationale why you converted to Islam in the first place. Then, in a momentary lap of judgement, a brain drift pops into your heald and you wonder if living in a cave in Afghanistan would be half as stressful as living in Ontario that consistently hands over legal responsibilities to organizations that have no respect or understanding for the rule of law as their denial of legal rights still continue to oppress the oppressed? Then you give your head a shake and realize that there is something to fight for. Your democracy.

Chromium-Cancer Study a Fraud

JUNE 2, 2006
11:03 AM

CONTACT: Environmental Working Group Bill Walker or Renee Sharp,
(510) 444-0973

Real-Life Epilogue To "Erin Brockovich": Medical Journal Retracts Fraudulent
Chromium/Cancer Study
EWG Investigation Exposes Fakery of
Firm Headed by Bush Appointee

(WASHINGTON, June 2) - In a real-life epilogue to "Erin Brockovich," a
peer-reviewed medical journal will retract a fraudulent article written and
placed by a science-for-hire consulting firm whose CEO sits on a key federal
toxics panel. The retraction follows a six-month internal review by the
journal, prompted by an Environmental Working Group (EWG) investigation.

The July issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
(JOEM), the official publication of the American College of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine, will carry a retraction of a 1997 article published
under the byline of two Chinese scientists, JianDong Zhang and ShuKun Li.

The article appeared to be a reversal of an earlier study by Zhang that
found a significant association between chromium pollution of drinking water
and higher rates of stomach cancer in villages in rural northeast China.
Since its publication, the fraudulent article has influenced a number of
state and federal regulatory decisions on chromium.

"It has been brought to our attention that an article published in JOEM in
the April 1997 issue by Zhang and Li failed to meet the journal's published
editorial policy in effect at that time," says the retraction, written by
JOEM Editor Dr. Paul Brandt-Rauf and obtained by EWG. "Specifically,
financial and intellectual input to the paper by outside parties was not

In an email to the JOEM editorial board, Brandt-Rauf acknowledged that for
legal reasons the retraction is "carefully worded and kept to the barest
minimum of facts." But EWG's investigation, confirmed by a Wall Street
Journal report in December 2005, found that Zhang and Li were not the actual
authors of the article.

Under the state Public Records Act, EWG obtained and posted online documents
from California regulators and court records that showed the article was
actually the work of ChemRisk, a San Francisco-based consulting firm whose
clients include corporations responsible for chromium pollution. The
documents and the story they outline are at

"In order to ensure continued faith in the scientific process such serious
breaches of ethics cannot be tolerated," EWG Senior Vice President Richard
Wiles wrote to Brandt-Rauf in December. "The scientific community must be
notified that a paper circulating in the published literature is fraudulent,
the paper must be retracted, and those responsible for the incident must be
appropriately disciplined."

ChemRisk's founder and CEO, Dennis Paustenbach, is a Bush Administration
appointee to a U.S. Centers for Disease Control advisory panel on toxic
chemicals and environmental health. His firm holds a lucrative contract with
the CDC and the Energy Department to investigate radioactive and toxic
releases from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

In this case, ChemRisk was working for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), a San
Francisco-based utility whose dumping of the industrial chemical chromium-6
had contaminated the drinking water of the small town of Hinkley, Calif.
Hinkley residents' lawsuit against the company, which PG&E eventually paid
$333 million to settle, was the basis for the film "Erin Brockovich,"
starring Julia Roberts as the legal investigator who uncovered the dumping.

PG&E hired ChemRisk to conduct a study to counter Hinkley residents' claims
of cancer and other illnesses from chromium-6 in their water. ChemRisk
tracked down Zhang, a retired Chinese government health officer, and paid
him about $2,000 for his original data. ChemRisk distorted the data to hide
the chromium-cancer link, then wrote, prepared and submitted their
"clarification'" to JOEM under Zhang and Li's byline, and over Zhang's
written objection.

Zhang has since died. But JOEM located his co-author, ShuKun Li, who agreed
that the article should be retracted.

Zhang's original work remains the only study of people ingesting chromium-6
in their drinking water. The JOEM article reversing its findings was cited
by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in allowing continued use of
chromium in a wood preservative, and by the Agency for Toxic Substances and
Disease Registry in a report that discounted chromium-6 as an oral

Most significantly, the fraudulent article was cited by a scientific panel
whose 2001 report forced California health officials to revise a
recommendation for how much chromium-6 should be allowed in drinking water.
A member of that panel was ChemRisk's Paustenbach, who has made a career out
of consulting and testifying on behalf of major industrial polluters
including PG&E, ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical.

Independent scientists blasted Paustenbach's 2002 appointment to the Board
of Scientific Counselors for CDC's National Center for Environmental Health
as part of a Bush Administration pattern of packing environmental panels
with industry-friendly experts. EWG has provided CDC with documentation of
ChemRisk's fraud in the Zhang case and demanded that Paustenbach be removed
from his post when his term expires in June, but CDC has refused to take

"It is abundantly clear that CDC's contractor, ChemRisk, does not have the
necessary scientific or ethical integrity to engender public trust," EWG's
Wiles wrote to CDC Director Julie Gerberding in March. "It is also clear
that ChemRisk founder and president Dennis Paustenbach has been directly
involved in the firm's unethical behavior."

EWG has earned a reputation as a watchdog of suspect science. When the group
reported to the EPA a failure by DuPont to disclose internal company tests
of drinking water and workers for a toxic chemical used to make Teflon, the
government sued the company and in 2005 extracted the largest administrative
settlement in history for such offenses.

In 2000, EWG caught ABC News' John Stossel reporting nonexistent test
results in an "investigation" critical of organic food that was broadcast on
the network's 20/20 magazine program. The disclosure forced a rare on-air
retraction and apology from Stossel.

FYI: Paustenbach will be up for reappointment shortly to the CDC panel
mentioned below. Hexavalent chromium is the chemical now favored by the wood
industry to pressure-treat lumber since arsenic was phased out).

RELATED LINK JOEM Notice of Retraction can be viewed here

EWG is a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, D.C., that
uses the power of information to protect human health and the environment

Toronto terror cell broken

Update: CTV reports on the sparce news conference at 10 am this morning - 12 adults and 5 youths have been taken into custody along with 300 tonnes (not kilos) of 'farmer's explosives' - otherwise known as amonium nitrate. I'm sure the youths were recruited because they are taking advantage of the youth justice system in Ontario and the restrictions in the Criminal Code on charging youths the same as adults. But it is most likely these kids were 'brainwashed' starting with their parents, their local Islamic community and other propagandists - which would make them ripe for the picking. The majority lived in Mississauga...don't even start me on that part of Ontario...

From this morning...

The RCMP, Durhan, Peel, York and Toronto police have rounded up over what is reported as more than a dozen terror adherants and interfered with their plot to attack Ontario targets.

According to The National Post story - 4 of them are Algerian and involved with the Salafist Group for Call and Combat - a radical Sunni Muslim group seeking to establish an Islamist government in Algeria. The National Post also has this report from the CSIS on 'homegrown terrorism' - which includes converts for their ability to pass detection.

RCMP has commented to the press that those arrested have been raised in Ontario or have been living here for some time. One of the Algerians came to Canada on a fake Saudi passport in August 1998.

More two cents:

It's not really surprising that there are Algerians part of this capture - I've met a number of them that had left Algeria because the government was "going to kill them" for practicing Islam. But the Islam they practiced was far to extreme to be accepted psychologically by the broader Islamic community in Ontario.

Having been around a few of these guys I had pressure put on me for listening to Algerian or any other kind of music that wasn't 'Islamic' (I should only listen to the duff - an ancient form of Islamic drumming listened to by the Prophet in circa 600 A.D.); going to visit and celebrate Christmas with my 'Christian'* family (that day my car was broken into, the window smashed and my car stereo stolen, traumatizing my 'Christian'* son. *The Salafist's emphasis); I couldn't write poetry, draw or paint ( I drew a stylized bird for an Islamic poster and I was told by a Canadian convert that I couldn't do that - it was haram - which basically means 'illegal' in Islamic law); or not following Islam to the letter of Islamic law (sharia) - which usually was interpreted by these guys on the extreme side - to the point where it became a joke.

One of these Algerians had a peace bond put on him because he was threatening another Muslim in a mosque with a knife because the man was using prayer beads. This same guy would also point out all the Sufi's walking down the street since to Salafist Muslims - as to Salafists, Sufi's are evil.

As I have mentioned in numerous posts on this blog - the propaganda was overwhelming against the Jewish community - mostly against Israel - so Palestinian propaganda was strong amongst some in the community - but I didn't noticed it as much within the Algerian Muslim community. The Algerians that usually had a strong North African, Somali and Sudanese following, dictated a really oppressive form of Islam - even more than the Sudanese Salafist interpretation.

As has been pointed out on this blog and supported by other less extreme Muslims, there are those in the community that teach their kids to support fundamentalist Islam - usually through home schooling or Islamic schools (such as the one the Algerians in London Ontario ran) - which leaves those children, especially boys, an outlet as they get older. Instead of playing video games - they can experience the real thing - a Jihad.

That is the ritual of manhood in extreme Salafist Islam. This leaves them wide open to the recruiters that come and go into the mosques or propagandize at meetings encouraging the perfectness of Islam at many meetings and gatherings held at various institutions - usually universities.

Why universities? Because those who are familiar with the CIA infiltrating campuses in the 1960's to spy on those in the anti-war movement - know that the CSIS's mandate is not to infiltrate Canadian campuses. This leaves Islamic groups and their propaganda to game momentum in this venue.

These things are a reality - it's not that there is the commonly believed conspiracy to destroy Islam by even the less devout Muslims - this conspiracy theory is a reality of Islamist propaganda.

But what Christian would support the mass murder of innocent victims because of the perception that, for sake of making a point - if we can't force people to practice Christianity or Islam in this case, the way we want (the way it was practiced in 600 A.D.) - and which isn't supported by our country's leadership (as in the case of Algeria) - then the whole world is against us so we have to fight them in a global jihad?