Thursday, September 21, 2006

Six mafioso fugitives from Italy living in T.O.

Update: check out this retarded statement given to the Hamilton Spectator by former Immigration Minister Deni Coderre:

Liberal MP Denis Coderre, a former citizenship and immigration minister, said the Conservative government lacks the "political will" to take steps to remove the Mafia fugitives.

Duh...huh? These guys have been in the country all through the Librano's reign and this guy says that the Conservatives don't have the political will? This, a Minister that used to shut down his phone line when he faced political back lash on stuff he didn't do? Bloody Canada

This Toronto Star article wonders how Mafia fugitives have lived in Canada so long without being extradicted back to Italy...


"Officials could not explain how alleged Mafia fugitives could have obtained citizenship if they had prior criminal records or had been charged with crimes, since all applicants must first undergo security checks."

I think I know and it' s from this post back in May of last year but it doesn't explain how they got in back in the 70's but I might have an answer for that here and here.

Here's what I wrote last year about security checks: (*PWGS = Public Works and Government Services). Correction below. I noticed that the information regarding Manpower and security checks was not accurate. They only perform very minimal security checks - not clearances as the original text stated.

NOTE OFF TOPIC: PWGS* Canada is also responsible for security checks and has handed out contracts for minimum security checks to private companies such as Manpower Services Canada, a temporary employment agency that is now being investigated for violations under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Manpower also supplies temporary workers to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, particularly in Windsor Ontario, whose employees also need security clearances or reliability checks performed by Manpower via Public Works who has given staff at Manpower secure status to inquire about people.

Correction: C.S.I.S gives reccomendations to Public Works for security clearances but their decisions are non-binding. Security clearances are also given by law enforcment agenices (including local) via their C.I.P.I.C database. Once given, the government does not have to follow C.I.S.I.S's recommendations.

So, if Gagliano has ties to organized crime and his Ministry had responsibility for handing out security checks that does not have to following the recommendations of our security officials, what does that say about our national security?

Supersize me!

Ewe! It seems Monty - this apparently hungry python - has eaten a pregnant sheep and couldn't get off the roadway because no one had a bucket or a tiny waffer thin mint. After she was captured she eventually puked it up.

Should Zaccardelli resign?

The question is battering around in the news organs, the internet, on blogs and on law lists:

Should Zaccardelli resign his post from the RCMP?

My answer is "yes"

I have to put things into perspective and put myself into that position - although I have no idea what it's like to head a police force - I did work as a manager for a woman's clothing store which could be worse when it comes to the feminine mystique - and the fact that I wasn't a great manager because I was half gullible and half red-headed temperament.

I have to ask myself, how is it that policies that I could protect the force from violating the Charter and us getting sued as well as putting the administration of justice into ill-repute that could loose another terrorist case in court and make our law enforcement agency the laughing stock of the world?

And if all this happened under my management, how is it that I could have let that happen? If I knew these things were going on, should I have taken measures to protect my staff from their own problems in understanding and adhering to legal standards or should I purge the agency of these problems, or just do nothing?

Having been a manager I know that staff won't tell you bad things and will cover them up if they are good enough cons, especially if they want your job. But women are a little more conniving than men - I can't imagine lower subordinates keeping this information from the Commissioner just to get his job - and if they did, why should they get it?

If my agency was called 'incompetent' while the news organs of the world echoed it until my ears were ringing like the bells of St. Mary's, I think I would take stock of all the other incompetancies that have occurred more or less, while I was Commissioner:

Air India
Air Bus

Ok, so that's the 'A' section of the alphabet.

After considering that these things are very serious screw-ups and I wonder what other law enforcement agencies in the world must think of us here in Canada.

So, it's my opinion that stepping down is the honorable thing to do - after I have terminated the jobs of those I delegated to act on my behalf that allowed it to occur.

My other suggestion is - given Joe Comartin's stance against asking Commissioner Zaccardelli to step down - that American media investigate Joe Comartin's election finances to find out whether or not the money he's been getting for his election campaigns, besides being mostly from the C.A.W., is coming indirectly from Hezbollah in Lebanon or Iran via local Hezbollah supporters.

I think it's safe to say that he gets election donations from persons sympathetic to the Hezbollah, but who isn't in Windsor?

As for Irwin Cotler, isnt' giving legal advice to a Canadian citizen while being the Minister of Justice - illegal?

Just asking

California Sues Automakers

California's Office of the Attorney General is launching a lawsuit against six automakers for contributing to smog and greenhouse gases. Here's what the AG says:

"Global warming is causing significant harm to California's environment, economy, agriculture and public health. The impacts are already costing millions of dollars and the price tag is increasing," said Lockyer. Vehicle emissions are the single most rapidly growing source of the carbon emissions contributing to global warming, yet the federal government and automakers have refused to act. It is time to hold these companies responsible for their contribution to this crisis."

Why doesn't the Ontario provincial government do the same since the government pays billions of dollars in health care, which a good chunk goes to respiratory diseases and other offshoots?

Ontario doesn't because it doesn't care about protecting the public as much as it cares about protecting the auto industry.

As I always said if they could put a man on the moon, they can make cars without emissions.

But the problem isn't with the ability to make the cars; it's with the mentality of the auto industry itself as well the unions that try to protect the jobs within. I've heard the rumblings of CAW members that they don't want to make emission free cars because it will mean lost jobs.

Well, I don't put much weight into auto union rhetoric since they base their bullying tactics on propaganda, which usually means BS. If hybrid cars are popular and they can make them cheaper the better the technology gets then people will love to buy them.

We are actually fortunate here because we do have stronger emission controls than other countries. When I visited Morocco there were no emission controls on the cars. Sitting at a red light there gets you a good gust of exhaust in your face.

The only thing that doesn't really make their emissions an issue is that the rest of the country doesn't have big smoke stacks spewing crud into the rest of the Moroccan air. It was incredibly clean and I didn't have the usual sneezing, itchy ears and swollen glands, like I got two days after I arrived back to Canada.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Holy Pope Batman!

Ok...once again we are faced with individuals who call themselves Muslim getting irrationally upset and violent because of words they don't understand. The Pope has also clarified in the speech that the comments of the emperor he quoted were 'brusque' and found them astounding.

Here is the Pope's speech.

It's seven pages long and only mentions Islam once to illustrate a point - the rest was about Greek philosophy and the term 'logos', which I'm not going to pretend to understand but here's the Wikipedia version of it if you want to bore yourself.

As usual, the 'Islamic' world has taken the Pope's words out of context. The reason I put 'Islamic' in quotations is to remain true to what the Pope was trying to illustrate and how I understand it because these people who are making all the fuss are not learned theologians and are acting 'voluntarily', which is one of the philosophies that was brought up in the speech and the only part I found quite interesting. Here's an excerpt:

But for Muslim teaching, God is absolutely transcendent. His will is not bound up with any of our categories, even that of rationality. Here Khoury quotes a work of the noted French Islamist R. Arnaldez, who points out that Ibn Hazm went so far as to state that God is not bound even by his own word, and that nothing would oblige him to reveal the truth to us. Were it God's will, we would even have to practice idolatry.


In contrast with the so-called intellectualism of Augustine and Thomas, there arose with Duns Scotus a voluntarism which, in its later developments, led to the claim that we can only know God's voluntas ordinata. Beyond this is the realm of God's freedom, in virtue of which he could have done the opposite of everything he has actually done. This gives rise to positions which clearly approach those of Ibn Hazm and might even lead to the image of a capricious God, who is not even bound to truth and goodness.

Those learned Islamic theologians, if they read the full text, would understand that the Pope was waxing philosophical about reason and religion and how the philosophy of religion was not out of line of being taught in a university. The Pope also went on to explain that other cultures have influenced Christianity, in particular Greek thought.

The Pope stressed how important it was to open dialogue with those in the Islamic world so each other could further the other's understanding of God. He was stating how important religion is in the context of humanity that doesn't reject scientific reason nor current philosopies of other religions for if it did, then it would limit the scope of ethics and morality.

You know my first and only language is English and I had trouble understanding what the Holy See was saying too, but rest assured it wasn't to insult Islam.

He was attempting to illustrate an emperor's writing on the meaning of 'controversy' and what he believed was contrary to God's nature. You have to consider that when belligerents are banging at a city's gates, it seems only natural for an emperor to make those statements at a time when Constantinople was under siege by the Turks, for fear of being compelled to convert to a religion they really didn't want to convert to. That was his understanding of Islam then and he probably wasn't correct because there was a lack of dialogue.

As the Pope also pointed out, compulsion to practice Islam is an anti-thesis of it. He did not mention that Christians were also not compelled to practice Islam as they were accepted as people of the Book which is clearly stated in the Quran, which also states that it's legal for Muslims to marry people of the Book (which includes the Torah and New Testament). For those who don't want to convert, they are asked to pay a tax and in turn, the Muslims would protect them.

What's insulting to all Muslims are the idiots who act out in the name of their religion it because they have become exactly what it is that they have assumed the Pope has said - violent. They are acting out as if they were still living in the Middle Ages and have a voluntary compulsion to behave as if they were in a Holy War (jihad).

It's time to give the Pope a break.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A matter of belief

Ugh...besides feeling sick from a cold I got a number of emails from an old friend of mine...

About 5 of them were sent with the same information - an itinerary that reads like a bad suspense thriller or a something that should be a part of a psychiatric assessment. In any case it made me sick to my stomach. After reading that I wonder if I what I write reads the same way and I hope to God my command of the English language is much better.

I hadn't contacted this person in years because of incessant requests to marry him that was tiring back then for me to put up with but I felt he was harmless enough to contact again. Besides, I missed his sense of humor and his stories about the Congo.

Although after reading his itinerary I am thrown back into an occasion in my apartment in London. After insisting once too many that I marry him I told him that he had no right to keep insisting and if I asked him to leave my apartment because he was bothering me with this and he didn't, I could call the police. That's when he went on a rampage accusing me of working for the London police. I had to explain to him that he misunderstood me, that I was merely explaining to him what the laws were - that in this culture, 'No' means 'No' and he had to stop harassing me with this question because I wasn't interested in him that way. Our friendship stopped for a number of months and resumed when he promised to stop asking the question.

Only now, after reading that email, am I wondering if it was a good idea to contact him. I am very concerned about what he has sent me because it involves a murder, detention in a jail, beatings, the Pope, rape, heads of State, Amnesty International, illegitimate children and a number of Universities in Ontario, France and the Congo. He forgot to mention the time he did at the University in Berlin studying linguistics where a friend of mine whom I've known for a number of years teaches with a professor that taught my Congolese friend.

But you have to wonder how does a person get to know the people they do and why is there a common thread in their lives?

From that Berlin friend I was introduced a number of years ago to a human rights activist for indigenous peoples in the State of Manipur, India. I met my Manipuri friend in 2004 in New York when he was scheduled to speak at an Indigenous conference at the United Nations. I thought it was a good opportunity to see New York and him at the same time. That visit had an interesting encounter with two hostile males in a New York subway on the way to Ground Zero. We were both terrified - but that's another story.

I learned about 3 weeks ago that my Manipuri friend was detained by Indian authorities and is allegedly being tortured. He was already detained previously in 2004 after he had 'pissed off' his government at a talk he gave to the U.N. in Geneva. It was the same situation this year but the government accused him of being in cahoots with a 'terrorist' organization.

Although he wasn't married when we met in New York, I think I sufficiently broke his heart and got married to a woman that shares his culture and fight. I wrote to his wife to inquire about the accusations of the government so I could write to the Canadian Foreign Affairs like I did in 2004.
I know that the government might have one small thing right - something I was told in a moment of intimacy that his wife wouldn't know. What India is doing with the Manipuri's is equivalent to having the War Measures Act imposed for about 20 years - without benefit of due process and the rule of law applied equally for Indigenous peoples of Manipur. But the Manipuri's want their independence so therefore, there are other concerns about how to achieve that outcome. I'm a sepratist myself but don't condone going about it violently.

But in any case, I wasn't going to put myself in a position to cover up for him and that depended on the group he was accused of working with. Since he was a lawyer he should be able to explain the charges with clarity and who the group is. I haven't had any correspondence further on this issue from him or his wife.

So it is today, that I read of the thread of similarities that have human beings tormented by each other's society's class system and sensibilities.

I read in the Hamilton Spectator about my own tormenter who has been elevated to a hero's status in a narrative by The Spec journalist Jon Wells glorifying the emergency medicine doctors at Hamilton General Hospital.

This is one hospital I am terrified of going to for fear that my life would be in danger.
As I have said before, I am not scared of terrorists but I am scared of Hamilton's doctors - they have far too much power than they are allotted by law.

In one instance we can make accusations of some types of people and they are assumed to be guilty but we can't make accusations towards others because it is assumed they are pristine elements of everything good and righteous in our society. Or if we do, then we don't believe the person with lesser status.

So is the case with Dr. Ali Hersi - who has committed fraud by fabricating a diagnosis and doctoring medical records just to cover his ass for his negligence. I am told by the FBI that they do investigate diagnosis fraud in the United States. Our authorities don't do it here.

But from the evidence on what appears on the medical records based he should be charged with fraud because the information that he left out and the information that was crossed out - shows that he anticipated his negligence would have cost me my life so he had to do something that would cover up any investigation by a Coroner. The Coroner would never question him once he read the medical records.

The attitude of Dr. Hersi and his accomplice, Dr. Krismanytch towards some individuals within the health care system seems to be underscored by a recent Ontario Human Rights Commission decision. The OHRC says the Crown discriminates against individuals with mental illness because the Coroner's Act didn't make it mandatory that a coroner's inquiry be launched to investigate the deaths of persons who have died in a mental health institution yet a coroner's inquiry has to be launched by deaths of prison inmates.

Why the decision? Because the doctor (or nurse) crossed out medical information in a deceased patient's medical records who was a resident in a mental institution. The family applied for their loved one's medical records, found the discrepancy and made their complaint. The family fought back and they one some very important rights for individuals with mental illness but not enough to have doctors or nurses charged with criminal negligence.

Not that I was in this situation, but I was suffering from withdrawals from an anti-depressant, in which Dr. Hersi thought the reaction was laughable and refused to treat me. I had to go to another hospital. Their attitude wasn't much better, but at least I was treated.

What makes it especially nefarious for me is that I have been complaining for years to the Hamilton Spectator that Hamilton has a problem with it's doctors - especially the likes of Dr. Hersi and the emergency management at Hamilton General towards certain individuals in the health care system.

Instead of reporting based on the principles of the Canadian Journalistic Association - they, The Spec, has allowed themselves to be compromised by private interests instead of reporting in the public interest. I'm not the only one who has serious concerns about how medicine in practiced in this City but The Spec isn't reporting on them.

So now, I look back on the stories of different individuals and wonder how different is mine? For me, it would help to clarify circumstances by having documentation to back up accusations. My Congolese friend has some wild ideas but I know his English isn't that good and his misunderstands things. My Manipuri friend told me that he wanted to start up an allegiance with Muslims to support his cause. I told him not to because it would only give him problems - that was back in 2004. Now he is accused of aligning with a group that is accused of terrorism.

I think the point is, the difference between being believed is the evidence to confirm the corruption that dispels concerns of just a wild story, a factual story that sounds wild but isn't written well, or a well written articulation of presumed knowledge based on deceit and lies.

And in lite of today's Arar Inquiry conclusions, which do you believe?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tout sweet

I'm not commenting on the Montreal Dawson CEGEP shooting.


WTF is wrong with Montreal? How many school shootings does that make in one City in as many years?


This 25 year old - (hell, I was a mother at that age) - was old enough to know better but he was stunted in his emotional growth somewhere - admitted he took drugs. He was drinking wiskey before the incident.

But did he take drugs with that wiskey? If so, what drugs? Anti-depressants? Anti-psychotics? Robotussin? Ritalin? Ever read the manufacturers documentation on the side effects of Remeron an anti-depressant? Psychotic episodes is one of them. Are the securite de Quebec looking for this?

Don't kid yourself...teenagers take this stuff to experiment. In the documentary Prescription: Suicide? one of the teenagers was a normal kid but after taking anti-depressants to experiment with drugs - went outside and shot himself after taking them.

In Hamilton the degenerate friend of a house-mate was selling Ritalin on the streets. When my car was stolen there was a Zyprexa (anti-psychotic) on the floor of the car - probably to give the kid an extra boost and intent.

So where the hell do these people get this stuff and why the fuck would they sell it to kids? Rumour has it in Hamilton that pharamcists are selling this stuff to street dealers...


If I was reading that shit on the internet and saw the guy had pics of guns and knives...I'd be calling the R.C.M.P tout sweet.

Dog - the Bounty Hunted

Dog, the Bounty Hunter (a.k.a. Duane Chapman)

his son Leland

and his brother Tim

have all been arrested for the illegal detention and conspiracy of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Luster skipped the country after being indicted on charges of rape. I don't imagine that he'll stay very long in lockup - even though the slammer is de rigeur now-a-days after Martha Stewart did her stint while crocheting ponchos for her new buds.

Don't ask me why, but I like his program...this guy looks like a big brut but he's awfully caring to some of the people he catches. Not only is he caring but he's very careful as well - not to violate out-of-Hawaii state laws when he's hunting bail jumpers and the fleeing indicted.

Maybe I like the program because of his wife Beth. Actually, it's not her per se - I actually became infatuated with her large bosoms and found I wanted to see the show more often. Yeah, I know I'm a girl but she knows her bosoms are her assets and if I had 'em I'd be wearing low cut tops on purpose for the camera to get right in there and...


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A place in history

When a historic event occurs it seems we all want to remember what we were doing on that day. It's like attending a wake. We reminisce about the past, the good memories and our place in its history.

I wasn’t born when JFK was shot nor do I remember any of the other assassinations in America during the 60's revolution. I do remember, though, the riots in Detroit.

It was a topic at our dinner table because Mum – a Canadian American – worked in the States like she had done for years before marrying my father. During the Detriot riots, my sisters tell me that Dad used to bring them to Windsor’s waterfront to see the fire and smoke and hear the gun shots during the heat of the riots.

The only time I remember being brought to the waterfront to witness something historic was the passing of the Edmund Fitzgerald. My father always had an innate quality to know what was historically important before it was historically important.

As for 9-11-01? Need I ask?

My normal day usually started out with a cup of coffee and I would check my inbox for my morning email link to the New York Times and CBC news alerts. By 7:30 a.m., I would watch the morning news on television until it was time to leave for school although at this time, I wasn’t in school but waiting for my course to start the following week so I kept my routine of waking up at 6 a.m.

This day was different. Instead of turning on the television to watch the news I decided to clean out my in-box of unwanted emails. I remember lingering over one email. It was from a Saudi named ‘Ahmed’. Ahmed and I met in a chat room over the Internet and added each other to our chat programs.

I lingered on this email because of our conversations that brought concern only months before.

‘Ahmed’ and I used to speak about mundane things, mostly about his import company – construction vehicles, or Islam or on one occasion, Osama bin Laden. We spoke about him because he was a topic within the Salafist community in London Ontario where I lived at the time. He told me how he knew ObL’s brothers who lived in Saudi Arabia.

Even though ObL was a topic of discussion, I couldn’t tell if the local Salafists were supporters of ObL or not. I knew they didn’t support American troops in Saudi Arabia because it was ‘sacred ground’ and there was apparently a hadith suggesting that no foreigner should be on this sacred land.

I knew the local Salafists didn’t support the Saudi royal family because they were squandering the country’s oil wealth while the gap between the rich and the poor in Saudi Arabia was deepening. ‘Ahmed’ confirmed this fact in our discussions.

I knew that the local Salafists didn’t support the bombing of the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. It was a common belief that Clinton ordered the bombings to distract the Americans away from his affair with Monica Lewinski – it was quite the joke.

But did all that mean the local Salafists supported ObL’s jihad? I knew there were people who supported jihad in the Sudan if one where to be declared in a fatwah – but that was because most of every one I knew had a husband who was Sudanese or were close to marrying one.

As for Ahmed, he seemed to know ObL because he told me he was a ‘simple’ man. Till this day I don’t know what he meant by ‘simple’. Did it mean that ObL wasn’t complicated in his thinking? Did it mean he wasn’t materialistic? Did it mean the Americans gave him too much credit as a protagonist?

It didn’t concern me at the time speaking about this subject. ObL was a common subject and I agreed with all of my other Salafist friends that the Americans were ‘demonizing’ him (although I really was only parroting what I was learning because I didn’t know tit from tat about American foreign policy).

What was important about this conversation between Ahmed and I was about a hadith that I was having trouble with. I wanted some context to a hadith I found on a website and that hadith was about ‘killing Jews’. I didn't know my teacher had some radical ideas about it.

Months before, I had gone to a lecture by a doctor at the University of Western Ontario given on certain evenings to learn about Islam. On a ride home I took with the doctor and his wife, he counseled me to go to a particular website. I was looking up something totally unrelated when my search came up with a hadith I found very troubling.

It was troubling because when I had converted to Islam I qualified my conversion only if I was not going to be taught to hate any particular group - I would then deny my own Canadian identity of pluralism and multiculturalism. If Muslims preached they were the religion of Peace – then there should be absolutely no preaching of hatred against any group if Allah wanted my soul.

But when I read this hadith that told Muslims to “kill Jews wherever you find them, behind trees or under rocks”, it seemed pretty crazy and out of line so it was my duty, I felt, to find out what this was and to learn the context of it. So, in keeping with my personality, I started asking questions.

Many of them.

Little did I know that this hadith was the catalyst to my leaving the religious community months later.

After having my questions answered – not by the Imams because they just ignored them, I found out that that hadith was referring to a war. Some highly educated and well-positioned Muslims in Ontario explained the hadith to be interpreted as “enemies” not “Jews”in this war. But this translation is not accepted by the majority of Muslims I spoke to. The commonly accepted translation is “Jews” in this widely believed hadith, which I found out is a Sahih Bukhari hadith – which means ‘highly credible’.

Next, the hadith was put into context for me. It was explained that it was in the context of a war at the time when Muslims would follow a dajjal or false prophet. ‘Ahmed’ explained to me that this hadith was about this war and that the war would involve Israel. In this war, Israel would be taken over by Muslims who followed this dajjal. Other countries in Europe would be over thrown - right up to Italy. He explained to me that hadith was to support that war that would be just like the holocaust for the Jews.

Ok, so I got rhetoric and propaganda. This is when I started to put on the breaks and start to wonder if this guy is for real or not. How can anyone talk like this? Who is this guy and why am I speaking to a person who says he’s from Saudi Arabia?

When he asked me if I believed this explanation, I wrote back ‘NO’. His response was hostile. He told me that “I should watch what I say”. I took this as a threat and I became nervous since he, by now, had my email address. I wrote to an Imam to explain what had happened. He told me this guy was wrong. The only thing that kept me from being frightened was that the guy was very far away - in Saudi Arabia.

But by the end of that summer - the summer of 2001 - I was arguing with another Muslim man – an Egyptian that had taken over a position at the University from a friend of mine. He was refusing to post services for Muslim women in the Mosque’s newsletter because of his bigoted attitude towards non-Muslim women. I told him that I was taking my hijab off in protest. He wrote to me from his Western email account telling me “I should watch what I say”.

I would give anything to have a copy of my responding email - but that was a long time and many computer operating systems ago.

By this time the threat was closer to home. The same words were reiterated as those of ‘Ahmed’ and underscored that an extreme ideology was at play and put to rest any concerns that the Saudi was a fictitious character.

So, on September 11, 2001 probably about an hour and a half after I started housekeeping my email account, I rested on Ahmed’s email. I told myself not to delete it – that I might need it in case something happens.

I didn’t think that happening would be so huge.

It was about 9:30 a.m., and I finally turned on the ABC morning news about 2 hours late of my routine. I settled in my lazy boy with my coffee and saw the first pictures of the twin towers smoking. The newscasters were confused. I’m sure my face was contorted. There was speculation that it was a terrorist attack. The next shots were the Pentagon and then a smoking field.

What the hell is going on I thought?

I got on the phone to call my friend to see if she had the answers. When she answered the phone she was crying. Her husband was expected to arrive in New York at 8:30 that morning from a flight from Egypt. We held the phone to our ears, crying as we stared at the TV. We watched and cried as the first tower went down. She wanted to get off the phone to leave it open in case her husband called. I wanted to call C.S.I.S.

There were too many red flags thrown in front of me on two-year Islamic journey.

My first reaction to seeing the targets was that the acts were committed by American terrorists. Who could have executed something so spectacular with such precision other than Americans?

My next thought was that it very well could have been Muslims because I knew from the targets that they were, for one, a good example of “higher buildings” from a hadith explaining portents of ‘The Hour’. As explained by Mohammed to a follower: “When the shepherds of black camels start competing with others in the construction of higher buildings. And the Hour is one of the five things which nobody knows except Allah.”

There are many hadith about ‘The Hour’, those Nostrodamus like prophecies - Islamic style. Those towers were indicative of America’s competitive national attitude, that which instigates competition throughout the world asking questions of architectural or engineering firms, who is able to build the highest building in the world?

Tall buildings were symbols for what we Muslims learned to be a portent of the Hour. The Hour for those who believe would also be called the end of the world, as we know it. As for the portent hadith, they are Sahih Bukhari, can be found in the Book of Belief and are widely believed by Muslims.

I also knew how high the possibility was for Islamists to have flown the planes into the WTCs just because they were the World Trade Centre towers. World Trade was also indicative of tourism, which to the Salafists was not an acceptable Islamic practice because that meant that more Westerners would be flooding the Islamic world and influence Muslims with Western thought and philosophies. This meant that tourism would cause Muslims to loose their religion because they couldn’t isolate themselves from outsiders or their influence.

This is why it made sense for Islamists to use planes as weapons because any fears that it created by doing so would also cause a reduction in the tourism industry – less people would want to fly to any parts of the world let alone Islamic ones. The fear of being caught in a terrorist act while flying was necessary to put in the minds of the Western psyche because as these Islamists see it, Westerners are afraid to die as they haven’t the religion to give them succor and prepare them for the afterlife.

What confirmed it for me that Islamists were involved was the November 2000 federal election.

For just as soon as those planes torpedoed into the towers, doctors and engineers within the Muslim community were busy disinforming those in the Muslim community who wanted to believe that it was a Zionist and Israeli conspiracy to fly planes into the towers. If this information came from Muslim doctors or engineers – 'professionals' – the chances were greater that this lie would be believed.

I was working on the campaign trail for the local NDP candidate. I had wanted to attend the London Mosque’s meeting that was being held to determine their position for the election, what questions they were going to ask the candidates and whom they were going to support. There was anger in the community against the Reform Party and John Renolds for his comments towards the Muslim community’s right to ask Stockwell Day to step down.

By this time I was very irritated because I wasn’t allowed to attend the meeting – apparently only men were allowed to attend. A double slap in the face was that a City of London counselor – an elected official - was the person doing the disallowing. I had pamphlets I wanted to hand out for the NDP but because the Mosque board didn’t like the NDP’s position on abortion and gay rights, they weren’t going to allow their voice to be heard in the Mosque.

Instead, I left pamphlets on the NDP’s position against the World Trade Organization. The stance at that time was anti-WTO because globalization was seen to undermine the traditional social-democratic position of labor and unions thus threatening the NDP’s main supporters – the patriarchy of big labor unions. I put those pamphlets on a common table for information at the Mosque. By evening prayer all the pamphlets were gone.

In 11 months after the Canadian federal election, planes used as missiles would fly into the World Trade Towers - the microcosmic symbol of world trade - and the underlying fear of those who are afraid of losing their religion.

Monday, September 11, 2006

On being hoodwinked

There's quite a few things about Hamilton that you wouldn't see probably in many places in Ontario.

  • It's arrogant doctors who abuse patients at a rate per capita that is probably the highest in the province
  • A City licensing office that approved a business license to a business owner to sell pot without any questioning by the Hamilton Police Service on why they did it
  • Crack addicts that steal cheese from one convenience store and sell it to another to make money to buy a rock
  • Drive by shootings in a populated area downtown street - like the shooting in downtown Toronto that killed a teenager - and is totally ignored by national media
  • A newspaper that harasses an elector who is trying to make the Mayor - an elected official- accountable under to the Provincial Elections Act legislation and the newspaper editorializes that he's ethical
  • And counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

Not only are the people of Hamilton gullible and don't pay attention to whom they vote for, they also have to contend with public safety threats that were imposed on them by counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

The local coroner didn't even know about the fake heart drugs that were being sold to patient's until the RCMP put it in the news according to the Hamilton Spectator:

Eden examined 11 deaths and his boss, the province's chief coroner, recommended after the King West case that the Ontario College of Pharmacists be given the power to shut down drugstores when there's an imminent public health risk.

Eden said last week patients given fake Norvasc faced two risks: the acute, short-term problem of suddenly coming off the drug and the longer-term concern of an untreated heart problem.

Eden didn't know about the concerns at the pharmacy until after the RCMP issued a press release June 16, 2005

It's not that I think Eden cares so much about protecting the public - after all this is a guy that thinks suicide is caused only by mental illness - not oppression. It's the fact that this Province has a dismal record of protecting the public. This is a Province of buck passers. Of giving Provincial responsibility to enforce Provincial legislation onto electors. Of not enforcing health care practitioners to loose their licenses when they commit a crime.

The culture is not here in Ontario for the RCMP to provide the information to Provincial officials who are to use it wisely to protect the public. And the public is too naive to know when they are being hoodwinked.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hurricane Florence public advisory

I wouldn't normally be posting this but I just noticed it on my news updates.

The National Hurricane Centre in Florida has just posted this advisory that Florence has been upgraded to a hurricane status. Hurricane winds have a probability to hit the eastern part of Canada

Word of the day

The following is taken from Miriam Webster's dictionary. It reminds me of something I would hear on Bugs Bunny. But since I'm currently reading The Professor and the Madman: a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English dictionary by Simon Winchester, I thought I'd stay in the spirit of things.

poltroon \pahl-TROON\ noun

: a spiritless coward : craven

Example sentence: In the end, their leader proved to be a traitorous poltroon whose main concern was saving his own skin.

Did you know? When you get down to synonyms, a "poltroon" is just a "chicken." Barnyard chickens are fowl that have long been noted for timidity, and the name "chicken" has been applied to human cowards since the 17th century. "Poltroon" has been used for wimps and cravens for even longer, since the early 16th century at least. And if you remember that chickens are dubbed "poultry," you may guess that the birds and the cowards are linked by etymology as well as synonymy. English picked up "poltroon" from Middle French, which in turn got it from Old Italian "poltrone," meaning "coward." The Italian term has been traced to the Latin "pullus," a root that is also an ancestor of "pullet" (a young hen) and "poultry."

Pullus? One could have fun with that one...maybe in another post